The Legend of Stallion Estates

This is one of those stories that may take longer to tell than many of you have patience for. I’ll try to be as brief as possible, yet still giving you the essence of what happened. About 10 years ago, I needed to see my spine surgeon in San Antonio. Tommy Houy rode along. He remembered that he had recently spoken to a fellow down that way that had an old Plymouth for sale. Anyone that knows Tommy understands about his affinity for anything MOPAR. He found the guys number and called him as we left San Antonio. They arraigned … Continue reading The Legend of Stallion Estates

Let Me Tell You About Bill

Bill is a woodworker. Actually he is a woodturner, mainly. His works are beautiful. He lives in Bertram. It’s an amazing story of how we met. Madeline has a cousin in Houston that owns a bookstore that specializes in Murder Mysteries. In fact I think that’s all they carry. The name of the store is Murder by the Book. I think it’s been there for many years. This younger cousin worked there, then bought it after a time and married the bookstore manager. I may have the sequence of events out of order, but that’s the story for the most … Continue reading Let Me Tell You About Bill

The Fiasco After Making The Wooden Dolphins

This is the story of the Dolphins. During our time living in Corpus Christi a few years ago is when I carved the largest of my projects, a pair of Dolphins. It was during a time when I was really suffering a lot of lower back pain. I received several steroid injections, was seeing a chiropractor often, but nothing was working. A very nice lady that lived out on The Island help us with our interior decorating. One day I was complaining about my back and she told me about a next door neighbor lady of hers that did … Continue reading The Fiasco After Making The Wooden Dolphins

After The Big Wreck (sequel to the 13 Vehicle Accident)

I’m not sure if it was because of the wreck or just because, but Mary Alice has always been the classmate that Madeline and I have held the closest and been the most constant friend throughout the past 44 years since moving on from high school. She has spent many holiday feasts with us and watched our sons grow up and them have kids. Our sons think of her as the crazy old aunt (said in an endearing way). She has the ability to talk about any subject and talk she can do. One time, five or six years ago, … Continue reading After The Big Wreck (sequel to the 13 Vehicle Accident)

Another Strange Happening

When we were kids going to school in Jollyville, there were the Reeves boy’s that were the same age as Kenny and me. Donnie was Kenny’s age, while Danny and I were in the same grade. We often visited each other’s house and played together. Then the Reeves’s cousin Elvin Horner came to live with them. He was Kenny and Donnie’s age. The Reeves family moved and we lost touch with them. That was about 1963. By the mid 80’s I was awarded a contract to construct a development project in Round Rock. When we got started building it, I … Continue reading Another Strange Happening

Another Strange Coincidence. How many are there?

I Was Just Reading Along Online About Various Crimes That Have Been Written. Something I often do. I’m not sure why True Crime interests me, but I’m intrigued by those stoeies. As I was reading a couple of names appeared that I recognized. They are a couple I met a few years ago. Carl and Tricia Adams Pool (Tricia is a member of this group) from Jonestown. They even own a ranch and wedding venue right here just out of Bertram. They are mentioned in the later part of this article. This incident happened a long time before we met. … Continue reading Another Strange Coincidence. How many are there?

Refueling During Mid-Flight

Something had taken Kenny & me to Burnet one day back in our youth. Mostly likely it was to Bill Heckman’s Parts Store so we could get parts to fix something that was broken down. Clay Simmons had ridden along that day in that 1966 Chevrolet pickup with us. We were returning to Marble at about the only speed Kenny Lewis knew, about 90 MPH or greater. It was typical for us to have a 55 gallon drum of gasoline with a pump screwed into the top of it, to fill up any of our old dump trucks, as the … Continue reading Refueling During Mid-Flight

There Are Times You Have To Take The Bull By The Horns And Then Hope For A Miracle

I have a friend, I’ll call him John. We had worked doing the same type of construction for many years. He had worked for a couple of my competitors, but each were friendly competitors, so we have been in various joint venture arraignments throughout the years. Somewhere along the way, due to a divorce or perhaps it was the cause of the divorce, John developed a serious cocaine habit. He came to me in the need of employment. His habit had caused him to be fired from his last job. Not realizing that cocaine addiction couldn’t be cured with compassion … Continue reading There Are Times You Have To Take The Bull By The Horns And Then Hope For A Miracle

Some People Are Much More Private Than Others

While I’m an open book and most likely going tell you everything about myself. Much of the time I’m probably going to tell you more than you need to know and for sure tell you more than you want to hear. I’ve got a friend, a very good friend that I spend a lot of time with. He is an open book, as am I so very little fails to get said when we are together. I’m pretty much a braggart, especially when I comes to my grandchildren, to which I won’t apologize for. They mean everything to me and … Continue reading Some People Are Much More Private Than Others

My Friend Jim

Here I was a couple of weeks ago, sitting thinking, thinking of my past. I decided 20 years was too long to go without seeing and talking to my ole friend Jim. Jim and I had once belonged to the same church, played on the church softball team together and between the two of us, we had 9 kids, with only 1 girl in the bunch. We had a lot in common, yet hardly anything in common. Jim was college educated and had worked in the non-profit world and I barely made it out of high school and was attempting … Continue reading My Friend Jim