If I Had It To Do All Over Again

I often contemplate the words of that title. It’s almost like asking “What Is The Meaning Of Life“. What I really think is I wouldn’t change all that much for my own benefit. I would probably go at things at a little slower pace, in an attempt to make things easier on my now aging bones. I could always say that I should have spent less and saved more, but perhaps that was always a motivating force to continue to forge ahead. What I think about a lot are the missed opportunities to spend more time friends and loved ones. … Continue reading If I Had It To Do All Over Again

Beer Company Sponsorships

Back in the 50s and on into to 60s the different beer companies would hire bands to promote their product. A local Austin band, Jesse James and All The Boys was one that Pearl Beer Sponsored. Pearl also had another band, Adolph Hofner and the Pearl Wranglers that was more widely recognized than the James band. I used to hear radio promotions for Adolph Hofner, mostly playing in San Antonio, on up into the 70s. I mention Jesse (William Howard “Jesse”) James because he used to come to our house “On The Creek” just out of Jollyville. He was a … Continue reading Beer Company Sponsorships

Dink Wrote Me A Check

George Lester McDuff was a fiery little fellow. Everyone called him Dink and he always had a story to tell. He had the ability to make me laugh. He could make anyone laugh. I first met Dink in 1963, when I was just a kid. He and my dad worked for the same utility construction company. Dink ran the roadboring division. Roadboring is where a horizontal hole is drilled under a roadway or railroad track a then pipe is installed. It was dirty work with mud knee deep and oil and grease everywhere. But everyday Dink showed up in starched … Continue reading Dink Wrote Me A Check

I Would Be Considered Dink’s Stalker In Today’s Terms

Dink McDuff was one of my best friends in my earliest days in the contracting business. I had know him since about 1963 or 64. He and my Dad had worked for the same company, doing underground utility construction. I thought he was the funniest person I’d ever met. Being about 12 years old upon our first encounter, it didn’t take much to impress me. After going into business at 19 years old our paths crossed and it didn’t take long for us to have some sort of a partnership. It wasn’t an enduring sort of deal, so within a … Continue reading I Would Be Considered Dink’s Stalker In Today’s Terms

J.P. and the Tires

The junk yard as we called it, was a five acre field up the hill that we didn’t cultivate and out of sight of our house. It was on our land, but was operated by Hugh Hampton. He would bring wrecked cars in and strip them down for usable car parts then scrap the remaining pieces. One day a 63 (may have been a 64) Chevy Impala was brought in that had been in a wreck and was pretty much totaled. It had belong to a schoolmate, Jerry Ford. It had a really nice set of wide ovals on the … Continue reading J.P. and the Tires

Let Me Tell You About John And About Friendship

John and I had many parallels in our lives. We both arrived in Marble Falls the same year, in the 8th grade. We both graduated five years later, in May of 1970, as did each of our future wives. All four of us were merely 19 years old when we married; both couples have been married every since. John went to college and I went straight on to work after high school. Very soon we each were in business. Therefore, neither of us really worked for anyone after just a short time, spending our whole lives in business for ourselves. … Continue reading Let Me Tell You About John And About Friendship

Pecan Pralines (the sugary kind, not the gooey ones)

I used to go to church with an elderly lady, that shall remain nameless. She “played” a huge role in the church, our organist/pianist for over 50 years, and was a very long term member. She became widowed along the way. With losing her husband, the level of cantankerousness got worse and worse. For whatever reason when she would get mad and quit the church, I would be able to go spend a little time with her and get her to come back. She saw me as a more independent arbiter than the pastor or others at the church. The … Continue reading Pecan Pralines (the sugary kind, not the gooey ones)

The Legend of Stallion Estates

This is one of those stories that may take longer to tell than many of you have patience for. I’ll try to be as brief as possible, yet still giving you the essence of what happened. About 10 years ago, I needed to see my spine surgeon in San Antonio. Tommy Houy rode along. He remembered that he had recently spoken to a fellow down that way that had an old Plymouth for sale. Anyone that knows Tommy understands about his affinity for anything MOPAR. He found the guys number and called him as we left San Antonio. They arraigned … Continue reading The Legend of Stallion Estates

Let Me Tell You About Bill

Bill is a woodworker. Actually he is a woodturner, mainly. His works are beautiful. He lives in Bertram. It’s an amazing story of how we met. Madeline has a cousin in Houston that owns a bookstore that specializes in Murder Mysteries. In fact I think that’s all they carry. The name of the store is Murder by the Book. I think it’s been there for many years. This younger cousin worked there, then bought it after a time and married the bookstore manager. I may have the sequence of events out of order, but that’s the story for the most … Continue reading Let Me Tell You About Bill

The Fiasco After Making The Wooden Dolphins

This is the story of the Dolphins. https://www.facebook.com/groups/729839877052650/permalink/3043681675668447/ During our time living in Corpus Christi a few years ago is when I carved the largest of my projects, a pair of Dolphins. It was during a time when I was really suffering a lot of lower back pain. I received several steroid injections, was seeing a chiropractor often, but nothing was working. A very nice lady that lived out on The Island help us with our interior decorating. One day I was complaining about my back and she told me about a next door neighbor lady of hers that did … Continue reading The Fiasco After Making The Wooden Dolphins