Pecans – A major source of income for many families

Pecan trees bloom in the spring, usually in late April or early May, although the exact time depends on the cultivar. The trees produce separate male and female flowers on the same tree. The flowers rarely bloom at the same time, however; one tree must pollinate with another cultivar to produce a crop of nuts. In general, pecan trees in Texas fully ripen during a seven-week period from early October through the first week of December. Many of us had family members that used money from picking up pecans as a major source of their yearly income. It was always easy to tell who had been picking up … Continue reading Pecans – A major source of income for many families

A Little Bit About Cattle Auctions

I was once researching livestock auctions and when the actual concept of a ring with auctioneers started. While there were some used in the 50s (maybe as early as the 40s) it appears that it mostly became a widespread way of selling cattle and other stock in the early 60s. Prior to that, the Livestock Commission was mostly a place to bring sellers and buyers to a central location where they would get together and strike a deal. Then the house would weigh and facilitate the transaction and collect their fee. If anyone has knowledge about or if you actually … Continue reading A Little Bit About Cattle Auctions

The Sigmor Corporation San Antonio, Texas

It was first known as Sigmor, then Sigmor Shamrock, some years later as Diamond Shamrock and finally as Valero. TETCO came in sometime during a spinoff I think. In the beginning they where cheaper than other outlets. The stations were very barebones, with nothing but a small cashier area, restrooms and vending machines for snacks. They were only there to sell gas and oil with not servicing area. I remember it first being a cash only business. When they started taking credit cards, they would take any other companies card, imprint it and write in your address from your driver’s … Continue reading The Sigmor Corporation San Antonio, Texas

Hauling A Parsons Ladder Trencher

Back in 1970, not too long after I graduated from high school, I was driving a truck for Nelson Lewis, hauling equipment all over the state. I remember being dispatched to Devine, Texas to haul a Parsons Trencher from there over to Port Lavaca. It was a trip of around 200 miles, maybe more with weaving my way down through the many little south Texas towns. This was before any big highways were built. Those towns were connected with Farm to Market Roads and a few State Highways. I got to Devine late in the afternoon one day, loaded the … Continue reading Hauling A Parsons Ladder Trencher

Some very nice water storage tanks/cisterns in Mason, Texas

In the first photo, the rock portion is a tapered octagon. Very nice. A couple of blocks off of the square. In fact, all of these are within a block or two of the square. The one that is incorporated into the windmill tower is really unique. Seaquist Mansion Mason, Texas Water Storage Tower More on the mansion, click below: Welcome to the Seaquist House All are nice examples of elevated water storage tanks in Mason. A town with many elevated storage tanks. Continue reading Some very nice water storage tanks/cisterns in Mason, Texas

Don’t Mess With Texas

Believe it or not, Texas had an even worse roadway litter problem a few decades ago than we do now. This is what some typical roadways looked like back in the 1960s & 1970s This was along RM 2222 as it winds down the hill to Bull Creek. This from Texas Highways Magaine The history of one of the most successful ad campaigns ever’t_Mess_with_Texas A Smithsonian Magazine Article about the very famous anti-litter campaign. Continue reading Don’t Mess With Texas

Playing The Game Of “Connect The People”

It’s strange how people all around the country are connected and we never realize it. I was reading about the Wolf Family from Georgetown (owned the land where the Wolf Ranch Shopping Center is located). We did a lot of work around that development and got to know some of that family. Actually I had known Harry Robertson that married into the Wolf family since childhood. Harry’s sister had married one of my cousins way back when. Mr. Jay Wolf (the patriarch) died back in the 90’s. Wondering about Mrs. Wolf, Bettie, I found her obit. She had passed on … Continue reading Playing The Game Of “Connect The People”