Finding The Stash Of Stolen Beer

Back in the early 1960s, Kenny and I were doing what we usually did just about every day. We rode horses. That was our job, our vocation. We weren’t pleasure riders. We broke and rode horses to make our spending money. We had a contact to ride Shetlands for a fellow. I’ve written much more about that, so I’ll just place that down at the bottom of this story. We rode up an old cedar chopper road that was down below our house a little ways. The road was overgrown with small cedars and a tight squeeze to get up … Continue reading Finding The Stash Of Stolen Beer

This Is The Spicewood Home Demonstration Club Cookbook circa Early 1960s

While there are many delicious recipes in this book, I am concentrating on the advertising that was contained within. There were business from Marble Falls, Burnet, Johnson City, Lampasas and Austin that many of us grew up with. This cookbook was most likely purchased by my Grandmother, Leona Lewis or her sister Mandy Lewis and given to their sister Rose Anderson, who resided down in Bastrop County. Rose’s daughter, Kathy Anderson Strittmatter sent it to me, knowing how much that I and many on The Angora Chronicles enjoy looking back on our past. Thank you very much Kathy. Continue reading This Is The Spicewood Home Demonstration Club Cookbook circa Early 1960s

The Rio Motel and Club – Austin, Texas.

I knew about The Rio because in the mid 1970s several of us that were working on the I-35 expansion from Airport Blvd up to US 290. We used to go there and drink coffee and eat breakfast or lunch sometimes. I was surprised when I opened the Austin Statesman newspaper one day to find out that The Rio had become really famous in the history of Austin. There was a club there also, but I never remember going to it. But there were several notable Austin people found it to be a great meeting place. There was a well … Continue reading The Rio Motel and Club – Austin, Texas.

Austin In The Early 1950s

This is 55 minute film clip showing how Austin was in the 1950s and highlighting many of the businesses and places of interest. While 55 minutes may be a long time to sit and watch the whole thing, I’ve found several of the portions that were of most interest to me personally. I will list them below with the approximate time each starts on the film. Twin Oaks Shopping Center – 7:00 min Bergstrom Air Force Base – 18:40 min Bar-K Guest Ranch @ Lago Vista 20:00 min Barton Springs Pool – 24:00 min The Building of the Industrial Area … Continue reading Austin In The Early 1950s

Kenny And The White Bronco

I have to admit that in my younger years I spoiled myself with buying vehicles. I was doing a lot of driving, bidding on work all around the state. When I say a lot of driving, somewhere between 80,000 and 100,000 miles per year. I had a new Buick Rivera that I considered my road car. And it did handle the road very well. We had a project in Kendall County, just north of San Antonio building the Guadalupe River State Park, which was a undeveloped tract of ranch land when we started, so I couldn’t see driving that nice … Continue reading Kenny And The White Bronco

My Corvette Story

I wanted a Corvette almost more than anything in the world. I didn’t get one until about 1985. I drove up to a used truck dealership in Buda, Texas that I’d been doing business with. There set a very nice 1981 Corvette. It belonged to the owners daughter. It really looked classy. I had to have it. I had just sold a prime piece of property and felt rich. Nothing was going to stop me from owning that Vette. Especially if I closed the deal before Madeline found out. That car was brown, a slightly lighter brown than this. I … Continue reading My Corvette Story

The Mormon Missionaries

I remember how shocking it was. We had lived just a short distance from where it happened just prior to it taking place. It was unthinkable to me that a person could not only kill a couple of young men, but take them into a bandsaw a cut them into little enough pieces that they’d never be seen again. Little did I know that Jeffery Dahmer would be killing and eating people within a year or 2 after that. I know there have been horrendously shocking things going on in this world since the beginning of time, but the Mormon … Continue reading The Mormon Missionaries

Rocker Steiner & A Little Something About The Steiner Family

This kid (make that Young Man) , Rocker caught a lot of flack earlier in the week at the National Finals when he said some stuff that was a bit too colorful for some snowflakes in the media. I have to admit that I hadn’t followed the new burgeoning career of Rocker Steiner. I did a little looking and found his 95 point ride on the famous horse Virgil back earlier in 2022. Then there is this YouTube Video of the living 3 generations of Rodeo Seiner’s. Watching this gave me a whole different opinion of Rocker. I love this … Continue reading Rocker Steiner & A Little Something About The Steiner Family

I Always Wanted To Do The Right Things, But Circumstances Can Get In The Way

Back in the early part of the 70s we had a project relocating a water line on South 1st Street where a big “S” in Williamson Creek. (as shown in the photo below). Three new bridges were be built. We were on the tail end of that job, cleaning up and pressure testing. The City of Austin had a crew that performed the pressure tests and they came out twice and each time the line failed. The General Contractor that was building the bridges had already started work and it was imperative that we get that line approved or it … Continue reading I Always Wanted To Do The Right Things, But Circumstances Can Get In The Way

The Garage Sale

I have always enjoyed playing a practical joke on people, but no one as much as my Granny Ruby. She was always so humorous and would easily laugh at herself. Madeline and I had temporarily left Austin and were living in Houston where we had several projects going on. We still had our home in Austin so we would sometimes return to Austin on the weekends. This one weekend when we were in, my sis-in-law Karen told me that Granny Ruby, who lived in North Austin was having a garage sale and she was going to be taking stuff over … Continue reading The Garage Sale