Ring Ring Ring

Hello this is Joseph Smith with Medicare Claims Department. Is the Ronald? No, this is Frank his Son. Can I speak to Ronald? No. We are having his funeral on Sunday. Will you be able to come? Did Ronald die? Yes Sir, that’s why we are burying him on Sunday. I’m sorry. That’s okay. Can you get us some death benefits, to help pay for the funeral expenses? A, a, a, that’s not in my department. We are going to miss him, he was such a great man. If you need to get ahold of me, I’m going to keep … Continue reading Ring Ring Ring

Ring A Ling Ding

Mr. Lewis this is the GM Warranty Department. Me in my regular voice: Hello GMW Man: I see your warranty on your 2018 GMC has expired. I can offer………… Me in a distress voice: I don’t have it any longer. GMW Man: Well thank you. Me in a crying voice: Don’t hang up. Can you help me. They took my pickup away from me and sold it. GMW Man: Why did they do that, Mr. Lewis. Me in a crying voice: They said I can’t drive any more. GMW Man: Hopefully you’ll get it back: Me now in an crying … Continue reading Ring A Ling Ding

The Story Of The Beagles

I have a long love affair with Beagles. A lot of people will find umbrage with me claiming to love dogs, but never having an inside dog. That just speaks to different peoples tastes in pets and how much they want to be one with them. I’m fine with a dog having a nice comfy bed in the garage and waiting for me to come outside and go for a walk. But if someone wants to share their human bed with a dog, that’s you own business. What a man or woman does in their bedroom is up to them. … Continue reading The Story Of The Beagles

I was driving down the road, headed to a doctors appointment, minding my own business.

The phone rang. Being one to comply with laws and to look out for the safety of others, I carefully took note of my surroundings. I wasn’t in a school zone and traffic was fairly light, being after the big rush of everyone to getting to work and the kids to school, it seemed the coast was clear for me to take this call from a number I didn’t recognize. “Hello this is Douglas West with Medicare. Is this Ronald Lewis” (said in a oriental accent that always sounds more like Ruan’ald Wuwis). “No it’s not. I’m his son, Montel … Continue reading I was driving down the road, headed to a doctors appointment, minding my own business.

My Love Affair With Donkeys

The Afternoon I Went On A Donkey Buying Spree. Right after we moved to our place in Bertram, I decided we needed to get some guard donkeys. I inquired around and found a women down the road a piece had three Jenny’s and a Jack she wanted to sell. Being green to buying such animals, I went to see her and ended up making a deal for the whole bunch. Of course I paid about double the going rate. I’m not even going to tell you what I paid. It’s been about 27 years ago that I made that transaction, … Continue reading My Love Affair With Donkeys

Charlie & Minnie Campbell – A Love Story

This is a story about an old couple that showed up in Smithwick when I was just a kid. One day Minnie and Charlie Campbell arrived in an old Studebaker car. When people around Smithwick said their name, they always left off the “p” and the “b”. It was Charlie and Minnie Camel. I had never heard them mentioned in my 10 or 12 years or so I’d been around at that time in the early part of the 1960s. But that’s not surprising as they weren’t a very remarkable couple, until I got to know them. Then there was … Continue reading Charlie & Minnie Campbell – A Love Story

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I’m Not Sure They Ever Bought Into My Jollyville Stories

Below is a screenshot of a story I wrote one time about how my early life was and how telling my own sons (and my very skeptical wife) about it and the friendships I made all those many years ago at the little country school I attended. It truly was and is a magical part of my life. Facebook has helped me to reconstruct so much of that era through reconnecting with so many of those early friends made six decades and more ago. My Memories Live On Thru Facebook And The Angora Chronicles. Continue reading I’m Not Sure They Ever Bought Into My Jollyville Stories

I’m Scared To Death

We are constantly being told that big tech can hear what we are talking about through our smart phone, even if they are turned off. They can even see us through the camera. I have mostly poo-poo’d all that. But how many times have we been talking about something or a product, then it will pop up on our FB feed or in an email. It’s freaky, but I have been laying it off to being pure coincidence. We dropped Satellite TV, Direct TV to be specific a few months ago in favor streaming. In which I’ve been very pleased … Continue reading I’m Scared To Death

A Trip To The Apple Store

Went to The Domain in Austin yesterday morning to get my IPhone screen replaced at the Apple Store. It was going to take a little while so I found a good vantage point so I could watch the comings and goings. That’s quite the place. I’m not sure I could ever settle in and get that homey feeling there, but to each there on. It’s fairly pricey to rent one of the many apartments throughout the place. It seems more like you are in New York City or San Fran, than Austin. Heck I’ve even got a granddaughter, Holly living … Continue reading A Trip To The Apple Store

A Simple Trip To The Drug Store

A few days ago I drove up to the window at Walgreens in Burnet to pickup a couple of prescriptions. Prescriptions that I’d been trying to get refilled for several days. But finally got a text telling me they were ready. She kept telling me that I didn’t have anything ready yet. After debating the issue a few moments I finally sent my phone in for her to see for herself. “Lady it’s not like I’m making it up”. After looking she let me know, with a little smirk on her face that my prescriptions were ready at CVS, and … Continue reading A Simple Trip To The Drug Store