This is a story I wrote 4 years ago, in Oct. 2017. It tells of a typical love/hate between two men, of which I’m a part of. It’s hard to believe that it’s now been this long since I’ve seen my old friend. I decided to check with his daughter Rose this morning to see how her parents are doing. Remarkably they are still living out that life they have lived for so many years, almost 70 years. I vowed to go see them soon and I will do that. Within just a few months of me starting into the … Continue reading Espinosa

The Little Things That Happen In Our Lives……….

Every day events in our life happen that shape history. I sometimes play the “IF” game with myself. The most simple occurrence, the conversations we have, the chance encounters change the course of everything that will happen for the rest of our lives and will impact the lives of so many others. The most important chance encounter that changed my life happened by simply stopping at a beer joint one afternoon. The old 281 Club, that many of you remember, used to set on the side of highway between San Antonio and Marble Falls at Round Mountain . One day … Continue reading The Little Things That Happen In Our Lives……….

Now Don’t Get Me Wrong, I Ain’t No Doctor

I’m sitting around here this morning thinking about my poor hurting neck and shoulder. In fact it’s hard to do much else. This situation has my attention. I’ve spent the last three plus months with not much else on my mind except this. Don’t get me wrong, if I take enough drugs into my body, it leaves me along for a few hours, but the nagging always returns. I went in on Friday and got the third shot, one a month for three months and it is more painful now than it’s been being. Stored in my phone are photographs … Continue reading Now Don’t Get Me Wrong, I Ain’t No Doctor

The Afternoon I Went On A Donkey Buying Spree

Right after we moved to our place in Bertram, I decided we needed to get some guard donkeys. I inquired around and found a women down the road a piece had three Jenny’s and a Jack she wanted to sell. Being green to buying such animals, I went to see her and ended up making a deal for the whole bunch. Of course I paid about double the going rate. I’m not even going to tell you what I paid. It’s been about 27 years ago that I made that transaction, so let’s just say I’ve forgotten the price. But … Continue reading The Afternoon I Went On A Donkey Buying Spree

Taking The Bait or Not

This was written around 5 years ago. I stumbled across it earlier so I thought I’d repeat it now, as we are approaching our 50th year of marriage which is next month. When You Know You’ve Been Married Too Long (or maybe just the right amount of time) Madeline and I got away for the weekend. She has booked us a cabin on the Frio River. It’s wonderful, peaceful and very relaxing. Last night we ventured down the river a ways to the little town of Concan. We each had the special, a very ample serving of catfish and all … Continue reading Taking The Bait or Not

The Wine Making Kits

Back in the early years of our marriage, before we had so many kids, Christmas shopping was something we enjoyed doing together. Of course after a few years and five sons our shopping habits all changed and I would stay home and Madeline would mostly go it alone. In those early days finding the perfect gift wasn’t always easy when shopping for our fathers. It was hard buying for them and staying within our budget. Nothing frivolous for either, they just weren’t that type. They were men of substance and practicality. At the mall at one of the department stores … Continue reading The Wine Making Kits

The Narcoleptic Motorcycle Rider

I think there are certain things that come naturally but good judgement comes with experience. I owned a Honda Goldwing for about 12 or 13 years but I sold it a couple of years or so back. I had plans, strictly in my head of getting off and touring the whole country on that bike. I even saw myself going up to Alaska. I just never got around to it and it wasn’t because I couldn’t find the time. Something kept telling me there was a better way for me to spend my time. I only took one long trip … Continue reading The Narcoleptic Motorcycle Rider

This Is My Life

Last night a fellow put out a plea for help on a FB Group I belong to. When it rains he gets water in his house. I was willing to help him or at least go by and see what it would take to remedy his situation. So I messaged him. This is how that went. Well I admit I didn’t send him a complete resumé with an introductory letter. It seemed fairly straightforward. I would have thought that this fellow may have seen that I wasn’t trying to do him harm. It’s like everything about my life is on … Continue reading This Is My Life

The Martin’s, Father and Son Roadhands

Uncle Bob Martin worked for me a couple of times in the 70s. He was slow and steady but was accomplishing something with every motion. He was my maternal grandmother, Nancy’s brother. Uncle Bob’s oldest son Butch Martin worked for me several times. We was opposite of his Dad. He was fast and all over everything, but man could he move dirt. You just always knew it wouldn’t last long, before he’d twist off and not show up. Each time I’d swear that was the last. But he had an uncanny way of arriving when you most needed someone in … Continue reading The Martin’s, Father and Son Roadhands

Is It Bell’s Palsy or a Stoke ?

Back when we had our house in Corpus Christi, I was home alone. I hadn’t slept well, but what’s new. I got up and went down stairs and made myself a cup of coffee. I went over and took a seat in my easy chair where I would be waiting for the sun to rise over Corpus Christi Bay. I was dressed in my usual attire for the coast, shorts and a tee shirt. As I started to sip my coffee I started to notice that my mouth wasn’t working exactly right. I’ve been drinking coffee for over 50 years … Continue reading Is It Bell’s Palsy or a Stoke ?