Showing Off Our New Set Of Unbreakable Dishes

Many years ago Madeline bought a new set of dishes. We hadn’t seen married all that long, but were beginning to have kids. It was Corel Ware. It was a good idea with the kids to get something that we wouldn’t be breaking every time we turned around. It was a good investment. My father in law came to visit. We were showing him the new dishes, when I flung one over in the floor to demonstrate how they were unbreakable. Well it just shattered into a thousand pieces . That’s when Madeline explained to me they weren’t unbreakable, they … Continue reading Showing Off Our New Set Of Unbreakable Dishes

The Things We Find Out About Ourselves. (August 8, 2016)

I attended a funeral today, along with many others. It was a funeral where tears were shed, but no real outward displays of the terrible sadness that you know many felt. That comes from deep faith. That comes from the knowing and understanding that there are more good things to come. I left that service a bit saddened by the loss of an old friend, but that’s a normal reaction. I had a completely different emotion that I felt going away from there today. A complete feeling of dismay. It stems from an incident that supposedly happened around 50 years … Continue reading The Things We Find Out About Ourselves. (August 8, 2016)

Slamming The Cabinet Doors

Granddad can get cranky at times. Not just because I’m getting older, heck this incident happened 20 something years ago. I wouldn’t have even broken the 50 year old mark at that time. I haven’t always been cranky. I think it set in for me in my thirties. I have to admit I became an old man before my time. I had an Opthomologist tell me I had “old people eyes” once when I started wearing trifocals in my early twenties. He said eyes like yours are usually reserved for old people. At least they never worsened. I guess there’s … Continue reading Slamming The Cabinet Doors

Uncovering Coincidences

Leaving Corpus Christi this morning headed home. Saw a sign pointing to Rockport. Caused me to think of something that happened here on The Angora Chronicles once upon a time. It goes like this; There was a discussion about Dr. Woods in Marble Falls and how he delivered me. Someone mentioned that he had a brother that had a medical practice down in Rockport. We put 2 and 2 together and figure out that when Dr. Woods delivered me on Aug. 22, 1952, his bother delivered my wife 200 miles away just four days before on Aug. 18, 1952. Without … Continue reading Uncovering Coincidences

My Dad Never Showed Me How To Fish With A Rod And Reel

My dad was too figgitity to sit and fish. He picked things to do that would keep him on the move. Cec never watched sports either, that would require sitting in one spot for a few minutes. He never was much on sitting in a movie theater, either. If he did go to a movie he’d be up and down 20 times, coming and going. We took Bonnie Gay and Cecil with us to a music concert, I think it was a time Tammy Wynette and George Jones came to the Palmer Auditorium. I think Charley Pride was there too. … Continue reading My Dad Never Showed Me How To Fish With A Rod And Reel

I celebrate Father’s Day looking back at the 3 generations that came before me.

Francis Porter Lewis – departed 1956 (age 86 years) Andrew Theron Lewis – died way to young in 1958 (age 59 years) Cecil Carroll Lewis – left us in 1995 (age 69 years) This photo was taken in 1955 or 1956. It took lot of grit and determination to provide for their families but they always succeeded. Continue reading I celebrate Father’s Day looking back at the 3 generations that came before me.

All My Sons

I just saw a moving van and it reminded me of when Madeline was moving some her favorite pieces of furniture to our new place in Corpus. She was going to hire a company to transfer it. I asked her who was bringing it. She proudly proclaimed “All My Sons”. Puzzled, because we had decided that it was all the really good stuff (stuff that cost too much) and me moving it wasn’t going to work. We have a long history of severe damage every time I have ever moved anything. In my mind our sons learned everything they know … Continue reading All My Sons

The Little Keepsake Box

This little wooden box is one of the treasures that I hold close to my heart. It belonged to my Grandmother, Leona, that we affectionately called Maw-Maw. The initials L P was for Leona Purcell. I will be telling you more in a couple of days about my Maw-Maw, who was known as Aunt Nonie by many folks around the country. Why in a couple of days? May 6, 2021 will commemorate 112 year’s since her birth. Now back to the box. I remember that she always kept this box on her dresser. When I would ask her about it, … Continue reading The Little Keepsake Box