Glenn at the Circle Inn

A favorite story told by many puts Glenn Lewis at the Circle Inn on a Saturday night. It was one of those hot summer nights that caused people to not always get along. Glenn and another patron got into a fight and the Proprietor, Alice Sayers ushered them outside. Alice wasn’t someone you wanted to mess with. (I know, I’m married to her granddaughter) Rather than get in his pickup and leave, Glenn walked to the back of the building (he had consumed huge amounts of beer) and took the back off of the old huge swamp cooler that blew … Continue reading Glenn at the Circle Inn

This Is The Spicewood Home Demonstration Club Cookbook circa Early 1960s

While there are many delicious recipes in this book, I am concentrating on the advertising that was contained within. There were business from Marble Falls, Burnet, Johnson City, Lampasas and Austin that many of us grew up with. This cookbook was most likely purchased by my Grandmother, Leona Lewis or her sister Mandy Lewis and given to their sister Rose Anderson, who resided down in Bastrop County. Rose’s daughter, Kathy Anderson Strittmatter sent it to me, knowing how much that I and many on The Angora Chronicles enjoy looking back on our past. Thank you very much Kathy. Continue reading This Is The Spicewood Home Demonstration Club Cookbook circa Early 1960s

Cemetery Working Day – 1954 Smithwick Cemetery, Burnet County

Something important to the life and condition of a cemetery is the care it receives. Until a few years ago it was a Smithwick tradition to meet 3 times each year on designated Saturdays to do a thorough cleaning of the whole cemetery. I think it was in February, June & November. Everyone in the community and from places everywhere would show up, spend and few hours tidying up the place, then a big pot luck meal was enjoyed outdoors on the grounds. That tradition has now fallen by the wayside as more funds are available to hire the maintenance … Continue reading Cemetery Working Day – 1954 Smithwick Cemetery, Burnet County

The Southwest Graphite MinesBurnet County, Texas

Southwest Graphite Mines operated out near Lake Buchanan, on the north side. The aerial views show it’s proximity to the dam. It ceased operations a few years ago. I have read that all graphite production now comes from other countries with no active mines left in the United States. I remember in times past seeing workers from the Graphite Mine around Burnet, covered in black. You could “only see the whites of their eyes”. There was a packaging or warehouse facility in town, Burnet, along the highway near where the Dollar General and Whataburger is now. I think there was … Continue reading The Southwest Graphite MinesBurnet County, Texas

Going To Get Our Motorcycle License

Houy and I were just a little over a month difference in age, with him being born in July and me in August. That made important happenings in our early lives coincide. While I can’t remember whether we went together to get our drivers license. But we did go get our motorcycle endorsement together. He had a new 350 Honda that we took it took on. We were 14 years old. Tommy had been riding for awhile, so it was easy for him to ride along doing as the officer instructed while following behind. I will never understand how I … Continue reading Going To Get Our Motorcycle License

A Horse In The Highway

I was driving my first car, a 1963 Ford Galaxy. Prior to buying that car I had driven whatever vehicle was setting around. In those days there were several to choose from. It looked like a used car lot in front of our house. The year was 1967. I was almost 15. After closing down the Texaco, my first job outside of working for my dad, I drove up and down the street until it appeared everyone had headed home, so I started out for the 9 mile trip to Smithwick. The time was early to be going home, I … Continue reading A Horse In The Highway

Fred’s “57” Chevy

It was just before mid-night on New Year’s Eve. We weren’t just ushering in a new year but a new decade. Dean, Tommy and I were at The Circle Inn. Not usually a place where teens hung out. Alice didn’t allow it. There was a regular clientele that went there, but this night was different. It was a very festive occasion. The place was packed. I was shooting pool with someone, who’s name doesn’t come to mind. We had ridden out there with Dean and he wanted to go down the road the 281 Club where his folks where ringing … Continue reading Fred’s “57” Chevy