Harold & Catherine

Harold and Catherine were some of the first people that moved in at Smithwick Mills, the subdivision my dad had built from our old home place. They had spent most, if not all of their long married life in Houston. With the crime and meanness going on, they felt Smithwick calling. They became very good friends to my parents. In the later part of the 1970s Kenny and I had contracted some work up on Mormon Mill Road, in Marble Falls, installing water and wastewater lines for a development that Mike O’Connor was building. It required a lot of blasting … Continue reading Harold & Catherine

I Just Had A Winfield Scott Memory Pop Up In My Head

Not long before Winfield’s death, I was in Houston and met him for lunch near his downtown office. He had not yet been disbarred for getting busted with drugs. He was making plans to come to Austin and open a practice. The rules about Attorney’s had changed allowing television advertising. Houston was saturated with those commercials but it hadn’t so much made it’s way to Austin. He was sure that him investing in a great advertising campaign would put him on the map post haste. He certainly had the line of BS to go a long way. Maybe had things … Continue reading I Just Had A Winfield Scott Memory Pop Up In My Head

The Train Locomotive

When were were kids driving around looking for something to get into, a bunch of us ended up out on Fairland Rd. There was a little train locomotive they always left sitting. This one particular night it was parked a long way from anything so we decided to stop and check it out. Someone suggested if we could get it started, perhaps we could take it for a spin. I was pretty savvy with machinery and got it started in the matter of seconds. Luckily I could not figure how to engage it and make it move. I also couldn’t … Continue reading The Train Locomotive

Cattle Trucking To California

Eating In Del Rio I was a 17 year old kid just before I turned 18, just a growing boy I was. Butch Sayers got me to go with him to Marysville, California to deliver a truck load of Corriente Steers (Mexican Roping Steers). We left Marble Falls in the middle of the afternoon and arrived in Del Rio at the stockyards after dark. The trip had been sprung on me suddenly and I didn’t have a chance to eat before we left. I mentioned to Butch a couple of times that we may want to make a stop for … Continue reading Cattle Trucking To California

$$$$When My Dad Passed On

My Dad did a lot of things throughout his life that I was very proud of him far. He was a very generous guy. He really would give you the shirt off his back. He’d even pull his pants off and hand them to you on Main Street, if he thought there was a good reason for doing so. He really didn’t care what anyone thought. “They can just kiss my ass“, was the attitude he went through life with. To just say he did things his own way just doesn’t seem adequate. He took it to a whole new … Continue reading $$$$When My Dad Passed On

My Wife Always Tells Me To Pace Myself

(The following story was written in November 2014, when The Angora Chronicles was but a few months old) My problem is when I think of something I have to get busy with it then and there or I may never get it done. It’s that way with writing stories. When something pops in my head, I need to get it written or I may never think of it again. That may be the reason that in just a few months time I’ve written about everything that’s happened to me and around me in a whole life time. If I had … Continue reading My Wife Always Tells Me To Pace Myself

The Teacher’s Pet

I wasn’t the most well behaved student in Mrs. Corkers 8th grade class. That year was the first and only time I ever had to change schools. I must have tried hard to fit in. I certainly got my share of attention, for a new kid. She was considered a good teacher, but was very stern. English was my most difficult subject. I didn’t like it, I didn’t understand it. Mrs.Corker didn’t take to students that failed to excel in English. It was obvious that the two of us were going nowhere, fast. One day during class, she was talking … Continue reading The Teacher’s Pet

The Things That Young Men Do

A while back I was reminded of a happening by my long time friend Clay Simmons. He, Kenny and I were making a mad dash from somewhere to Marble Falls by way of Hwy 281 north, with Kenny behind the wheel. What the hurry was escapes me, but we were always in a hurry. When we approached the railroad tracks north of town the pickup sputtered as it started to run out of gas. Having a fleet of dump trucks we commonly had a barrel of gasoline tied off on the back with a pump in it, to rescue a … Continue reading The Things That Young Men Do

Grease, The Movie And David’s Mishap At The Marble Falls Rodeo

The year was 1978. It was July, Rodeo Time in Marble Falls. Shirley, my sister in law was staying with Madeline and me in Austin. The movie “Grease” had just been release. We had a 4 year old Matthew and a 1 year Michael. Shirley was wanting to see John Travolta swiveling his hips, so it was decided that I was a better choice to accompany her to the movie down on Riverside Drive, than to stay home and keep order with those children. We were sitting there enjoying the movie when a theater worker came down the aisle announcing … Continue reading Grease, The Movie And David’s Mishap At The Marble Falls Rodeo