More On Blasting Rock In Marble Falls

We encountered many people through the years with crazy notions about their house being destroyed by blasting. Some truly believe their house would fall down around them and others believe money will start falling from the sky. We had a situation many years ago when installing waterlines for a new development out on Mormon Mills Road in Marble Falls. There was a local banker, we had never done business with, but our Dad had a long relationship with him. He lived up that direction. I always considered the guy a shyster, but what did I know. Kenny and I encountered … Continue reading More On Blasting Rock In Marble Falls

I Was Always The Tag Along Little Brother

Kenny and his friends always had something going on, which would have them loaded up going some place or the other. This incident I’m fixin to tell you about was most likely after football practice. A full carload were jammed in, with me being in the back seat, on the passengers side next to the door. I was probably a Freshman in high school with most of them being a couple of years older. I always ended up being picked on constantly, which could have been caused by my own habit of picking on all of them. We had been … Continue reading I Was Always The Tag Along Little Brother

The Lewis Brothers Became A Little Intimidated (originally told in 2014)

I’ve been searching for the right way to tell this story and there just doesn’t seem like a real right way. While spending time today with Kenny, he asked if I’d ever gotten around to telling it. So here goes. One day while driving through Marble, we encountered 2 very big, very black, very tough looking fellows in their 1960s something Cadillac Pimpmobile. This was about 1969 or 70. Kenny and I have differing memories when it comes to how this all began, but the end result is, he or I one of the other must have honked our horn … Continue reading The Lewis Brothers Became A Little Intimidated (originally told in 2014)

Glenn And The Little Boy Eatin Bananas, and More.

I am still wanting to collect stories about Glenn Lewis, for a future book.I know it seems like I ran out of gas on the project, but I’ve been pretty busy trying to keep the wolves off my door step. But I’m slowly inching forward on that project, so if you think of anything be sure to jot it down and send to me or pickup the phone and tell it to me. I love to talk and hardly ever run on to anyone to talk to. But I was on the phone with an unnamed character the other day … Continue reading Glenn And The Little Boy Eatin Bananas, and More.

Glenn Lewis’s Old Blue & White “62” Ford Pickup

Anyone that was around Marble Falls in the 60s should remember Glenn’s old pickup. It was his main mode of transportation for much of the 1960s, much of the time it was pulling an old one horse trailer. When we finished the job at Lakeway, the first of our projects when we made our move to the Austin area, Old Blue had given up on Glenn and he left it sitting in a field out at the side of where the new condos were being built. He and big Jimmy went back to get it several months later after the … Continue reading Glenn Lewis’s Old Blue & White “62” Ford Pickup

Glenn And The Radio Antenna

I ask Marshall Wier if I’d ever told him the story of Glenn Lewis and the Inspection Sticker. He said I hadn’t, but offered up the following: No, I’ve never heard that one. Von (LaVaughn Meredith) told me one, years ago ,about an incident that occurred at The Yacht Cafe involving a hiway patrolman. It seems that someone had cut the long whip radio antenna off of the patrol car. The officer mentioned to Von that the antenna had been cut off of his car. He told Von that he was fairly certain he knew who had done the deed … Continue reading Glenn And The Radio Antenna

Glenn And The New Game Warden

I think this story was told once before but is worth retelling. A new game warden was assigned to Marble Falls. He and the DPS Officer at the time would gather at the Yacht Cafe with all the cowboy/rancher types that would met in the morning after their rounds. With everyone sitting around a table one morning the subject came up about road hunting. The Game Warden looked at Glenn and said “I know you are doing it and when I catch you I’m going to put you in jail”. Glenn didn’t appreciate being called out like that and several … Continue reading Glenn And The New Game Warden

Glenn Went Coon Huntin Down On The Pedernales

Now I’m going to tell you a story about Glenn Lewis, just the way it was told to me a little while ago on the phone by Pat Taylor. What I need you to understand is I don’t need to be hearing from any animal rights folks or other bleeding hearts concerning this. It’s over and done with and it was well over 50 years ago when things were much different than they are now. Here’s what happened. Glenn was down on the Pedernales River in some of that rough country coon huntin. He was ridin a young cold-blooded colt. … Continue reading Glenn Went Coon Huntin Down On The Pedernales

Old Man Cardwell

When we were young, I would have been a preteen, we went all over Smithwick horseback. Mostly it was Kenny, Jimmy Palmer, Glenn Lewis and me, but sometimes other boys in the community joined in. I guess it had more to do with whether a youngster had access to a horse. Everett and Maude Jackson had the little store beside the road just below the cemetery, back towards the church house. The store had really limited fare. Mostly snacks and soda pops. Maybe some soda crackers and Vienna Sausages or potted meat. I don’t remember there being many perishables. Seems … Continue reading Old Man Cardwell


I grew up in Marble Falls in the 60s.We always referred to the old building on the north side of the river as “The Factory“. During my high school years (1966-1970) it was a burned out shell of a building where kids would go exploring. Then in 1971 it was torn down, only leaving a concrete slab for more than the next 25 years. These most of the views are as you enter Marble Falls from the south, as you come down the hill, looking across to the old section of the town. Now two restaurants and a hotel occupy … Continue reading THE OLD FACTORY BUILDING in Marble Falls, Texas