The Wreck At The South End Of The Marble Falls Bridge

Early one Sunday morning with it raining and the road slick, I had taken Kenny out to the Pure Stone Quarry to pick up a dump truck. I would have been 14 or 15 years old. For whatever reason they thought a 14 year old had any business back in those days. It was just becoming light and as I came down the hill and that old “63” short wheelbased, step-side Chevrolet pickup spun out and smacked the guardrail right on the end of the bridge. I was more than likely going too fast for the conditions. Let me back … Continue reading The Wreck At The South End Of The Marble Falls Bridge

The Things That Young Men Do

A while back I was reminded of a happening by my long time friend Clay Simmons. He, Kenny and I were making a mad dash from somewhere to Marble Falls by way of Hwy 281 north, with Kenny behind the wheel. What the hurry was escapes me, but we were always in a hurry. When we approached the railroad tracks north of town the pickup sputtered as it started to run out of gas. Having a fleet of dump trucks we commonly had a barrel of gasoline tied off on the back with a pump in it, to rescue a … Continue reading The Things That Young Men Do

The Teacher’s Pet

I wasn’t the most well behaved student in Mrs. Corkers 8th grade class. That year was the first and only time I ever had to change schools. I must have tried hard to fit in. I certainly got my share of attention, for a new kid. She was considered a good teacher, but was very stern. English was my most difficult subject. I didn’t like it, I didn’t understand it. Mrs.Corker didn’t take to students that failed to excel in English. It was obvious that the two of us were going nowhere, fast. One day during class, she was talking … Continue reading The Teacher’s Pet

Pecans – A major source of income for many families

Pecan trees bloom in the spring, usually in late April or early May, although the exact time depends on the cultivar. The trees produce separate male and female flowers on the same tree. The flowers rarely bloom at the same time, however; one tree must pollinate with another cultivar to produce a crop of nuts. In general, pecan trees in Texas fully ripen during a seven-week period from early October through the first week of December. Many of us had family members that used money from picking up pecans as a major source of their yearly income. It was always easy to tell who had been picking up … Continue reading Pecans – A major source of income for many families

Gulf vs. Sinclair

Virg Baugh operated the Gulf Station at 4th and US 281 (most likely it was still designated Texas 66 in those days) The owners sign above the door is somewhat obscured, but I think it says Johnnie Crooks. If anyone knows differently, please holler. Photo reads 1954  It seems that Mr. Baugh’s son in law, Chet Sayers came to town and started operating the Sinclair Station that was across the street and almost a block to the north. I don’t know who actually owned it at that time. I have heard that the arraignment caused some consternation in the … Continue reading Gulf vs. Sinclair

Melvin Wright and The Country Store

You know you haven’t strayed too far from your early years when you can go to the refrigerator and make yourself a sandwich with ham, jalapeño cheese and Best Maid Sandwich Spread on plain white bread on a Saturday Night and it taste just like Melvin Wright had made at the Country Store well over 50 years ago. Of course I’d always get me a bag of BBQ flavored potato chips and a quart of Superior Dairies Chocolate Milk. The milk was to wash it down and the chocolate part was my dessert. It tends to make me feel a … Continue reading Melvin Wright and The Country Store

Let Me Tell You About John And About Friendship

John and I had many parallels in our lives. We both arrived in Marble Falls the same year, in the 8th grade. We both graduated five years later, in May of 1970, as did each of our future wives. All four of us were merely 19 years old when we married; both couples have been married every since. John went to college and I went straight on to work after high school. Very soon we each were in business. Therefore, neither of us really worked for anyone after just a short time, spending our whole lives in business for ourselves. … Continue reading Let Me Tell You About John And About Friendship

Just About The Most Insane Thing I’ve Seen

And I’ve seen some insane things. Seeing the video’s yesterday of the big wind generator blades coming through Marble Town, after coming up Texas 71 out of Austin, then turning on on FM 2147 and going through Horseshoe Bay and turning north on US 281. The question was raised of why didn’t they just turn at the 281/71 intersection? That would the seem the most logical, in anyone’s estimation. Nice loop around out there get from one highway to the other. But it has to do with permitting. All highway construction is marked on a master map at TxDot so … Continue reading Just About The Most Insane Thing I’ve Seen

The Story Of The Lost Class Ring

I received a call one day not long ago from a fellow asking for my help locating the owner of a Marble Falls class ring from more than 50 years ago. This may all seem cryptic, but I’m no long looking for the owner so I don’t care to cause a stir, but it’s an interesting story. We knew the year, that it was a boys ring and the markings showed that this person was involved in a couple of activities that had a symbols of each on the ring. We knew it most likely was lost by a girl, … Continue reading The Story Of The Lost Class Ring

Lee Odiorne’s Tombstone

While this is the grave marker that is on his grave, there was another one that set on his front porch for years. He had commissioned the original one to be made with the epitaph as you see below. Sometime prior to his death his house caught fire. The roof of the porch came crashing down, breaking off the top left corner. It was made from limestone. Upon his death, his sister took the broken one to a monument maker in Llano and had it replicated. The old one was left leaning against a fence, and it being made from … Continue reading Lee Odiorne’s Tombstone