A Trip To See The Doctor

A few years ago, my wife and I were getting ready to leave for a trip of a lifetime. A trip that I was really excited about. We were flying up to Calgary Canada and getting on a train to spend the next few days traveling west to Vancouver. Train moved along during the daytime, stopping at night, allowing us to sleep in nice hotel rooms. Once we got to Vancouver, we spent a day or so there then boarded a cruise ship for a trip up to Alaska, to see the amazing sights and then back again, where we … Continue reading A Trip To See The Doctor

Ain’t No Need To Talk Down To Me !

Back around 45 years ago I had a project in Austin and was waiting for John Harlan and his boys to finish another road bore (that’s the process of drilling a hole underneath a highway to installed a pipe so you don’t impede traffic) then come to mine. I was driving down Ben White Blvd and looked over and spotted John standing there beside the highway so I turned around and went back to check with him about when he’d be to my job. It was a very customary to do. Everyone wasn’t walking around with a cell phone in … Continue reading Ain’t No Need To Talk Down To Me !

Cecil Lewis Let A Blast Get Away From Him

Back in 1967 there was an old service station in Burnet at US 281 and League St. The owner decided to replace the old gas tanks with new larger ones. After they had removed the old tanks it was discovered that some rock would need to be blasted so the hole would become large enough for the new tanks. Cec (the name that Kenny and I called him by – short for Cecil) was contacted about coming up to Burnet to drill & shoot the the rock. (Shoot the rock means to dynamite it) He headed out to do that … Continue reading Cecil Lewis Let A Blast Get Away From Him

One Of The Strangest Things

For all the stories I’ve told on here and circumstances I grew up with, I don’t think my Mother or any of my Grandmother’s ever heard me say a curse word prior to me being grown. This was not because we grew up in a highly religious home. My mother was a spiritual person but she didn’t attend church regularly. I attended church with my Grandmother Leona, but I didn’t exactly fall in line there. It was a different time we lived in. We actually knew how to turn course language on and off. I guess it was more out … Continue reading One Of The Strangest Things

The Andice BBQ(As told by Kenny Lewis)

THIS IS A STORY I’VE STARTED TO TELL SEVERAL TIMES, BUT REALLY THOUGHT KENNY COULD DO MORE JUSTICE TO IT SINCE HE WAS THERE. It has been noted previously that Cec was one of the toughest men I ever knew. He had a threshold for pain like no other. In the winter of 1986 it was predicted to fall below freezing and stay that way for several days. I had just built a new house between Georgetown and Andice. I suggested to he and mom that they close everything up at Smithwick and come stay with us for a few … Continue reading The Andice BBQ(As told by Kenny Lewis)

A Minor In Possession

It was 1969 and the weekend of the rodeo in Burnet. Saturday afternoon rolled around. My “68” Red SS 396 Camero had the beer iced down in the trunk. It was too early to head out to Burnet so I was cruising the streets of Marble Falls. Roy Jackson, of the Smithwick Jackson’s flagged me down. Roy was the age of my dad. He had kids my age. Times had been hard on Roy, he was without transportation. Drinking had cost him almost everything. “Boy, run me out to Fuzzy’s Corner”. I tried for awhile to make excuses to not … Continue reading A Minor In Possession

It Just Came Out Of The Blue

I was lying in bed. It was almost 10:00 PM on a Saturday night. My phone rang and it was a number I didn’t recognize, but I decided to answer it. “You still having that Cowboy Rodeo going on out at your place ?” I could tell this fellow had drank bit too much, so I soft pedaled the conversation. The call didn’t seem all that threatening, so I figured he had misdialed my number. Then he went on to call out a name I was familiar with. For the sake of this writing I’ll just call him John Smith. … Continue reading It Just Came Out Of The Blue