My Senior Trip To California

It was a trip that I will always remember. While it was a trip that took place during my senior year, it wasn’t “The Senior Trip“. Our Senior Trip wasn’t quite so exciting or far away. It was an all day trip to San Antonio. Since I was working across the street from the school at Luther-McDuff Chevrolet, Buick and Oldsmobile, I was offered a chance to help get some vehicles out to California. I was in a program that allowed me to get out of school at noon in my senior year and work at the dealership. It was … Continue reading My Senior Trip To California

Long Distance Calls

I mentioned once a post once that it was long distance to call from Marble Falls to Burnet. Hard to believe how much phone calls could cost, relative to the times. Even the 13 miles between towns. Times sure have changed. In the early to mid 1960s we would listen to the radio station out of Burnet. For the life of me I can’t remember the call numbers. KHLB sounds right. But that may have been the second naming of it. Big Jimmy Palmer got in a habit of calling up to the radio station for contests they were running … Continue reading Long Distance Calls

Saying Goodbye To Butch Crownover

When I think back to our time growing up in the 1960s in Marble Falls, the friendship between Butch and Kenny always comes to mind. They spent a lot of time together, therefore I spent a lot of time with them. The first story is one time I’m glad I wasn’t along. A Trip To Look At A College In spring of their senior year of high school, Butch and Kenny got in Kenny’s 63 Pontiac Tempsest with a 4 cylinder and a 3 speed factory floor shifter and headed out to check out Sul Ross. Oh by the way, … Continue reading Saying Goodbye To Butch Crownover

Carroll Ray Lewis truly was “One of a Kind”.

This little incident happened when we were just growing boys. Carroll Ray was always very resourceful. Like the time he got in a little trouble with the law over in Llano when we were about 16 or 17 and “he had lost his billfold”. Times were a lot more simple without computers and instant ID recognition. So for some reason when he didn’t show up for a court date, the Burnet Country Sheriff’s department showed up at my house to haul me to juvenile jail. Well, we did have the same last name ! I ratted him out because I’d … Continue reading Carroll Ray Lewis truly was “One of a Kind”.

The Things That Young Men Do (original Angora Chronicles story from September 15, 2014)

A while back I was reminded of a happening by my long time friend Clay Simmons. He, Kenny and I were making a mad dash from somewhere to Marble Falls by way of Hwy 281 north, with Kenny behind the wheel. What the hurry was escapes me, but we were always in a hurry. When we approached the railroad tracks north of town the pickup sputtered as it started to run out of gas. Having a fleet of dump trucks we commonly had a barrel of gasoline tied off on the back with a pump in it, to rescue a … Continue reading The Things That Young Men Do (original Angora Chronicles story from September 15, 2014)

Our Hometown Hero, Felipe Gutierrez

For the past few days I kept seeing the following friend suggestion when I’d log on to Facebook. This morning seeing the fellow, Steve Connatser, with the familiar face of Roy Rogers standing along side of him, I wondered who this guy is. I had only one friend in common with Mr. Connatser. As soon as I looked him up on FB I realized he is really fairly famous, being involved in the Travel Magazine Business. I google him and then it all came clear. It was a story we had on Angora Chronicles a while back. It involved Round … Continue reading Our Hometown Hero, Felipe Gutierrez

A Thought Occurred To Me Today, Just As It Does Every Time I Leave Out of Llano And Head Up To Brady

I had graduated from high school shortly before, so this would have been an afternoon in the summer of 1970. I had landed the best gig I thought anyone possibly could. I was getting to drive a cattle truck for the Wenmohs Ranch. Joe Wenmohs only had one cattle truck at the time, a Ford Cabover that was turned up to where it would run with almost anything out on the highways. That tractor was hooked up to a 52’ triple deck Wilson aluminum trailer. That truck primarily ran from the Wenmohs Ranch out by Blue Lake, Llano County, to … Continue reading A Thought Occurred To Me Today, Just As It Does Every Time I Leave Out of Llano And Head Up To Brady

Dink’s Watch

As a young teenager my friend Dink had a watch that I thought was the neatest thing. It was a Bulova Accutron. Those were the popular watch in the 60s that used a tuning fork instead of spring to keep them in rhythm. Instead of a tick tick tick, they hummed. By the time I was grown and Dink and I were in business together, the watch quit working. He had tried several places to get it repaired and the cost was more than it was worth. I talked him out of it, but I don’t remember the financial arraignment. … Continue reading Dink’s Watch

Sheep And Goat Feed Can Take On Another Look When It Gets Wet.

I was filling up with gas one over at the Swift Mart. I had been feeding my Barbados the evening before, then it rained. An old friend, Damon Thurman came sauntering over and we were both leaning on the bed rail of my truck just guy talking. He noticed that a few feed pellets that had spilled out and became rain soaked. Even I could have mistaken them for something else, but I never hauled a dog with me, because I didn’t have one. He said “You nasty ba$&@#d why don’t you ever wash out the bed of your truck? … Continue reading Sheep And Goat Feed Can Take On Another Look When It Gets Wet.