He Got On That Harley And They Rode Away

There were a couple of brothers sitting around visiting a few years ago. I’m not sure how or why it came up, but they were discussing a fellow contractor with whom they had know most of their lives. The younger brother said “did you hear about Ol Dan (not his actual name). I’m not sure his company will be around much longer. It seems he’s gone middle crazy. He bought a new Harley and left his wife. Last time the guys at his shop saw him he was headed out west on that motorcycle with a large breasted blond on … Continue reading He Got On That Harley And They Rode Away

The Gift’s That Kept On Giving

When I about 11 or 12 I started collecting cigarette coupons. Benson and Hedges coupons. You could trade them for prizes out of a catalog, just like trading stamps. There were two or three brands that fell under the B&H brand so they all had a little coupon attached to the package, beneath the cellophane cover. Extra rewards came when you bought a carton. Back in the 60s just about every adult that I was around smoked. Socks and Lois Jackson were still married at that time and I spent a lot of time over there with them. Lois is … Continue reading The Gift’s That Kept On Giving

My Senior Trip To California

It was a trip that I will always remember. While it was a trip that took place during my senior year, it wasn’t “The Senior Trip”. Our Senior Trip wasn’t quite so exciting or far away. It was an all day trip to San Antonio. Since I was working across the street from the school at Luther-McDuff Chevrolet, Buick and Oldsmobile, I was offered a chance to help get some vehicles out to California. I was in a program that allowed me to get out of school at noon in my senior year and work at the dealership. It was … Continue reading My Senior Trip To California

The Big RL Is Climbing Up On His Soapbox Once Again

I don’t want to sound preachy and I’m not trying to guilt anyone into anything. It has been a long while since I brought this up. You say “what is it that this old fool is talking about”? It has to do with Facebook Etiquette. It doesn’t only apply to The Angora Chronicles, it pretty well goes across all groups, pages and people personal walls. When you take the time to read something, simply go up there and tap one of the icon showing what your feeling for that post is. By hitting LIKE or ❤️ or even the one … Continue reading The Big RL Is Climbing Up On His Soapbox Once Again

Winfield’s Funeral (also Jazzy’s Funeral)

I should let this story be the final one for Winfield, but I will go ahead and tell it now, because there are many other chapters between the one I wrote earlier about him and the end. I’m sure a lot of people wondered what ever happened to him. His family was pretty well off in terms of most of us. His dad had a good job at one of the dams in the area and also had a large hog farm. Winfield left Marble Falls in a Porsche headed to LSU in the fall of 1969. He became a … Continue reading Winfield’s Funeral (also Jazzy’s Funeral)

Winfield and the Wimberley Bank

I thought that the incident with Winfield and the speeding tickets had taught him a lesson. I found out later how clueless I was about what all was going on in that man’s head. If you set and listened to him you would really take him to be just a big talker, but you knew he wanted to make it big one day. He had been around a couple of years by this time and my business was going through a very tumultuous time. All my bills were all behind, creditors were beating our door down and Winfield was spending … Continue reading Winfield and the Wimberley Bank

Winfield Scott’s Trip To Jail

Winfield was a guy a grade ahead of me at Marble Falls High School. He had the reputation of doing wild and crazy things. We ran around together some, but weren’t constant companions in our school days. He was extremely intelligent, but lacking in the common sense department. After high school, he went off to college and became a C.P.A. I saw very little of Winfield throughout the 70s, as he was in Houston, carving out his niche in the accounting world. Sometime in the early 80s, I found out that Winfield was in Austin working for a small local … Continue reading Winfield Scott’s Trip To Jail

The Mean Streets Of Houston

As a boy going up in the small central Texas town of Marble Falls, I dreamed of getting out of high school and finding a vocation without ever needing to go on to college or any other formal education. I grew up in a family where operating equipment and driving trucks came at an early age. I thought a career as a truck driver and maybe even owning a fleet of trucks one day was in my future. I was a high school senior, but not yet eighteen. At that time, you could get your drivers license at 14 and … Continue reading The Mean Streets Of Houston

Don’t Just Follow The Crowd

Back in the high flying times of the 1980s, there were several of my contractor friends that enjoyed going to Las Vegas, as did I. There were about 10 or 12 couples this one particular weekend that all left Austin on Southwest Airlines together bound for a great fun filled weekend in Vegas. It was a flight that took us through Tucson, Az but we weren’t suppose to de-plane, just a short stop-over. It was a fun flight with a festive atmosphere. I never heard anything said that I thought was out of line. Just a lot of fun and … Continue reading Don’t Just Follow The Crowd

The Two Minute Talk That Has Lasted Me A Lifetime

Udo was of German descent. He had a coarseness about him, but an incredible refinement as well. He adapted to the situation he was in at the moment. When he retired after a long career in the excavation business, he sold me his office and yard, along with some heavy equipment and trucks. We lived across the street from he and his wife, so our visits were frequent. In retirement he moved from his lifetime hobby of flying planes, to flying helicopters. He would often fly me around to look at my projects. It helped him stay in touch with … Continue reading The Two Minute Talk That Has Lasted Me A Lifetime