The Life Of A Utility Contractor

I’ve been broke and I’ve been moderately successful – each thing several times. Failure is only a really bad thing if it takes you down and keeps you there. Falling on hard times can be a character builder like nothing else. Once you’ve found success and experience failure, it makes a good person try even harder to find those good times and to not repeat the same mistakes. I started out in the construction business back in 1972, a few months before I turned 20 years old. I had nothing but a new wife and a good work ethic. I … Continue reading The Life Of A Utility Contractor

The Fortune Teller

If a fortune teller tells you something, maybe you should listen. We traveled from Marble Falls to San Antonio for our 1970 senior trip. Whoopee, that was a dandy trip of less than a hundred miles, after putting in 12 hard years. Late in the afternoon we ended up by Breckenridge Park at an amusement park and arcade. Several of us, Madeline included, which is now my wife of over 49 years, decided to go to a fortune teller. When it was my turn she read my palms or something and said ” one day you will write a book”. … Continue reading The Fortune Teller

The Treehouse Of My Youth

I was running a little ahead of time for a doctor appointment a while back in Austin. I decided to drive by the place we called home from 1958 until 1965. What was back then a small wooden structure built on uneven ground, up a canyon that was 65 acres comprised of mostly shin oak scrub brush and rocky soil with a scattering of live oaks that has now given way to yet another suburban neighborhood. The street leading off of a then unpaved country lane is now Talleyrand Dr. The rocky little trail up to our house is now … Continue reading The Treehouse Of My Youth

Forward Thinking

Some of you may know that back in the 1980s, John Kemper, a group of businessmen and investors and myself developed Gateway, a 96 acre tract of land, south of the river in Marble Falls. It was originally part of the Michel Ranch. What you may not know is during the planning of that development we made a pitch to TxDot for us to give a ROW through the property for new northbound lanes from Max Starcke Dam Road to the south end of the river bridge. That would then have allowed the current highway to only be used for … Continue reading Forward Thinking

Grannie Ruby And The Body Shop

It comes that time in old peoples lives when they shouldn’t drive any longer. Since Granny Ruby, my dad’s birth mother, was so independent, she drove longer than she should have. One day she had a wreck and messed up the front end of her Ford Sedan. She took it down the street from her house to a body shop, hoping to get it fixed before any of us knew anything about it. Bill’s Body Shop gave her an estimate and went to work on it. When he got ready to repainted it, they couldn’t make the paint match. The … Continue reading Grannie Ruby And The Body Shop

The Little Keepsake Box

This little wooden box is one of the treasures that I hold close to my heart. It belonged to my Grandmother, Leona, that we affectionately called Maw-Maw. The initials L P was for Leona Purcell. I will be telling you more in a couple of days about my Maw-Maw, who was known as Aunt Nonie by many folks around the country. Why in a couple of days? May 6, 2021 will commemorate 112 year’s since her birth. Now back to the box. I remember that she always kept this box on her dresser. When I would ask her about it, … Continue reading The Little Keepsake Box

My Senior Trip To California

It was a trip that I will always remember. While it was a trip that took place during my senior year, it wasn’t “The Senior Trip”. Our Senior Trip wasn’t quite so exciting or far away. It was an all day trip to San Antonio. Since I was working across the street from the school at Luther-McDuff Chevrolet, Buick and Oldsmobile, I was offered a chance to help get some vehicles out to California. I was in a program that allowed me to get out of school at noon in my senior year and work at the dealership. It was … Continue reading My Senior Trip To California

Back When I Went Middle Aged Crazy And Bought A Corvette

All my life I wanted a Corvette almost more than anything in the world. I didn’t get one until about 1985. I drove up to a used truck dealership in Buda, Texas that I’d been doing business with. There set a very nice 1981 Corvette, with a for sale sign on it. It belonged to the daughter of the owner. It really looked classy. I had to have it. I had just sold a prime piece of property and felt rich. Nothing was going to stop me from owning it. Especially if I closed the deal before Madeline found out. … Continue reading Back When I Went Middle Aged Crazy And Bought A Corvette

Sometimes you just have to adjust to the situation.

We drink coffee in the morning, pretty well every morning. Even though there are cheaper ways to drink coffee, we buy the K Cups and use a Keurig because we seldom drink more than a cup (although they are big cups). So making a pot of coffee seems like over kill. I drink my coffee out of a disposable Dixie Cup of the 16 ounce variety, with a lid. A while back my little granddaughter, Fia, (Sofia) started bringing me cups of coffee all during the day and night. With a face like this I couldn’t tell her that I … Continue reading Sometimes you just have to adjust to the situation.