What Is A Good Wage To Pay A Feller?

The talk goes on and on about what the minimum wage should be. It is commonly referred to now as a living wage. This is not going to be a commentary on that issue. The first minimum wage I read was $.25 per hour back in the 30’s. When I entered the workforce in the early 70’s I think it was around $1.60 per hr. Graduating high school in 1970, left me bouncing around doing several jobs for the first few months. I had an independent streak going, so I didn’t stay tied down to any one thing for very … Continue reading What Is A Good Wage To Pay A Feller?

Rubbing Shoulders With Eva Longoria

Once during a rant earlier on my Political Speak Group I related the following true story. I’m not reposting it in its entirety due to my desire to not politicize this group. But you can gather I have a very different view of life than she does: Now for the story. I was invited to sit on the floor at a San Antonio Spurs game in the owners seats at courtside. Eva and Tony Parker were an item at the time. She was seated a couple of rows behind us. Several times she got up and walked along in front … Continue reading Rubbing Shoulders With Eva Longoria

Momma May to many, but Grandma May to me. (she was my Paternal Great Grandmother) 1879-1981

She was Judy Maybelle Clark Linebarger. She was a product of the Clark Family, of Pleasant Valley, I guess you could say a suburb of Marble Falls. When I was a kid she lived with her daughters moving from one to the other. It seems like she kind of moved with the seasons. It wasn’t because she wasn’t happy one place, but rather because she enjoyed all of her girls (all four) and choose to spend her later years with each. At least that’s the way it seemed. The time I remember her the most was when she was staying … Continue reading Momma May to many, but Grandma May to me. (she was my Paternal Great Grandmother) 1879-1981

The Miracle of the Internet, Facebook and The Angora Chronicles

During the few years since the birth of The Angora Chronicles on Facebook we have uncovered several facts that may otherwise never been unearthed. One day while discussing a doctor that played a huge part in the lives of many of us from Marble Falls, I told of this doctor delivering me on August 22, 1952. Dr. Alonzo Church Wood III delivered and cared for many citizens of Burnet County prior to his deciding to move on in the spring of 1968, determined by a letter I found in papers left behind by my Grandmother, Leona. It help us to … Continue reading The Miracle of the Internet, Facebook and The Angora Chronicles

The Little Actress

Not long after we moved to Bertram, a new pastor was sent to the Methodist Church. He and his wife were very lovely people. They had arrived here after spending time in Goldthwaite, Texas. While there they had become acquainted with a young couple that had a young daughter and twin sons that were toddlers. One time the little girl came to spend a few days with them in Bertram. They brought her over to our place see the donkeys and the lambs. I was heading down to feed the catfish in our pond so she wanted to go. I … Continue reading The Little Actress

How My Woodworking Hobby Began

I spent more than 55 years of my life without a hobby, for several reasons. First of all, having an attention span of a gnat, coupled with very little patience for detail and most of all I didn’t have time for such things. I started doing various woodworking projects almost by accident. Here’s how it happened. We have a very unique table that we got from Madeline’s mom, Maxine, many years ago. It was a coffee table brought back from Venezuela by Maxine and Ted in the 1960s. It’s not just a regular coffee table, it is huge. It’s made … Continue reading How My Woodworking Hobby Began

Olin Sylvester’s Welding Shop

Olin Sylvester had a welding shop on 3rd Street in Marble Falls, just down below the Pool Hall. Olin had remarkable welding skills. Regardless of what we tore up on trucks and machinery, he could stick it back together. He was a hard worker and very steady at his craft. I didn’t know much about about him until it looked it up earlier. His mother was a Kinser. So it appears he had deep roots in Burnet County. I spent a lot of time at that welding shop, taking in pieces, picking them up as well as hanging around waiting … Continue reading Olin Sylvester’s Welding Shop