Eat More Goat

That is if you can afford it. The popularity of eating goats has sure driven up the price. Something about eating goat meat that really appeals to me. It’s not the taste or the texture. It has more to do with nostalgia. At Smithwick Homecoming time, at those long sheet iron pits out under the liveoak trees at the site of the old Smithwick School House (now the Smithwick Community Center) waiting for one of the men to cut off a sample is where my love of goat meat started. Fresh and hot, right off the pit. The sop that … Continue reading Eat More Goat

Cec and the 3 Card Monte Game

Back in early 70s Cec had some business to take care of in San Antonio, so he loaded up Bonnie Gay and Nonie and lit out south in Brown Parkers “98” Oldsmobile. With the business out of the way the women folk wanted to go by the Farmer’s Market in downtown San Antonio to get a bunch of fruits and vegetables to take back home. Cec never was much on shopping so he just pulled up on the street and let them out and made the block and parked so he could watch the door for them to come out. … Continue reading Cec and the 3 Card Monte Game

My Quest To Find Out More About The Life Of Charlie And Minnie

I have over time written several stories about Charlie and Minnie. That couple has always been a curiosity of mine. They claimed to no have living relatives. But I remember when Minnie died, Charlie had my mother contact some people, perhaps a sister of Minnie’s to let her know of the passing. There were some people, a couple of ladies and a teen daughter, not much older than me, showed up from Oklahoma to attended the funeral. I could remember that Mrs. Redd, Minnie’s Mother, it was told was with them when they first came to our family part of … Continue reading My Quest To Find Out More About The Life Of Charlie And Minnie

The Hudson Hornet

I’ve told a story about the old couple, Minnie and Charlie Campbell showing up in Smithwick back in the 60s. Charlie was a Studebaker man. He always claimed he would never drive anything but a Studebaker. He and Minnie drove off one day and when they came back a few days later he had bought Minnie a car and it wasn’t a Studebaker. It was a very clean 1951 Hudson Hornet. The picture below shows what it looked like. He messed with it and never could make it run right so he parked it out under a tree and it … Continue reading The Hudson Hornet

Charlie & Minnie Campbell – A Love Story

This is a story about an old couple that showed up in Smithwick when I was just a kid. When people said their name, they always left off the p and b. It was Charlie and Minnie Camel. Minnie and Charlie arrived in an old Studebaker car with everything they owned, including a couple of dogs. They never had children. They claimed they had no other close family. They just had each other. Minnie was from Oklahoma. She always said she was part Indian. While she had a round pie plate face, she did have real high cheek bones. A … Continue reading Charlie & Minnie Campbell – A Love Story

Minnie’s Stash (originally written Nov. 30, 2014)

Kenny reminded me of something yesterday that I had forgotten. I wrote about Minnie and Charlie Campbell and her dying. Charlie would always tell us that Minnie kept up with their money and he didn’t know where she kept it or how much they had. I guess they thought, as we all did that she would outlive him. Charlie wasn’t in a shape to do much looking so the first one and the other looked but never found any money. We were all pretty sure they didn’t have two dimes to rub together, so when nothing turned up, no one … Continue reading Minnie’s Stash (originally written Nov. 30, 2014)

Remembering The Turkey Bend Ladies

My wife handed me a baby blanket the other day that was badly stained. She reminded me that Aunt Mamie Franck (we called her Aunt Mamie, but she wasn’t actually our aunt) hand made this little blanket when our first born son, Matthew was born. Matt will turn 47 this coming August 22, which is my birthday as well. I turned 22 years old the day he came into this world. Madeline trusts my ability to remove stains, and I can usually do it without completely destroying the stained item. I was curious of Aunt Mamie’s age when she made … Continue reading Remembering The Turkey Bend Ladies

The Shirt and The Tractor

I have this one shirt, out of a closet full, that I really like. It’s nothing fancy, but when I see it, it always sparks memories. Those memories go back to my grandfather, Theron Lewis. These were early memories, because he passed away when I was 6 years old, only a couple of months into my first grade year. He always wore blue work shirts to the cow lot to feed and milk. He wore those shirts to do carpentry work in when he was building a house for someone. But what I most remember is he wore one when … Continue reading The Shirt and The Tractor

We Played Beneath This Old Oak And We Climbed In It

The Old Oak Tree at “The Little House”, my grandmothers house (we lived there until I turned 4) in Smithwick, Texas that we played under and climbed in when we were kids. There were always at least a half dozen well made toy trucks and equipment, all constructed from metal that made their home under this marvelous tree. The Old Crib and Pens down behind the house. It has weathered pretty well, considering it hasn’t been used or had any upkeep in more than 50 years. Considering it was several decades old when I was a kid.Walk away from any … Continue reading We Played Beneath This Old Oak And We Climbed In It