The Andice BBQ(As told by Kenny Lewis)

THIS IS A STORY I’VE STARTED TO TELL SEVERAL TIMES, BUT REALLY THOUGHT KENNY COULD DO MORE JUSTICE TO IT SINCE HE WAS THERE. It has been noted previously that Cec was one of the toughest men I ever knew. He had a threshold for pain like no other. In the winter of 1986 it was predicted to fall below freezing and stay that way for several days. I had just built a new house between Georgetown and Andice. I suggested to he and mom that they close everything up at Smithwick and come stay with us for a few … Continue reading The Andice BBQ(As told by Kenny Lewis)

Kenny And The White Bronco

I have to admit that in my younger years I spoiled myself with buying vehicles. I was doing a lot of driving, bidding on work all around the state. When I say a lot of driving, somewhere between 80,000 and 100,000 miles per year. I had a new Buick Rivera that I considered my road car. And it did handle the road very well. We had a project in Kendall County, just north of San Antonio building the Guadalupe River State Park, which was a undeveloped tract of ranch land when we started, so I couldn’t see driving that nice … Continue reading Kenny And The White Bronco

The Smithwick Battle Royale

I’ve told many stories about how small I was as a kid and how it made me ripe for being picked on. No one was harder on me than my brother Kenny. But I’ll have to say that he was always the first to come to my defense, a brotherly thing. As I began to grow, it was only a natural progression that one day I would have to say enough is enough to being Kenny’s whipping boy. One day there would have to be a real head-buttin. It was just before Kenny left for the Army and I had … Continue reading The Smithwick Battle Royale

Impersonating Kenny

For years Kenny and I sounded amazingly alike on the phone. We both have what I guess is a distinct Smithwick accent. I’m doubtful that Kenny ever took advantage of that. My wife admits to getting us confused a few times. Maybe they can tell us if any of those conversations ever went hay-wire.If they did, I never heard about it. On the other hand, I can’t tell you how much confusion I caused by letting different ones think they were talking to Kenny when I was the one they were actually talking to. Our Grannie Ruby was easy. All … Continue reading Impersonating Kenny

Saying Goodbye To Butch Crownover

When I think back to our time growing up in the 1960s in Marble Falls, the friendship between Butch and Kenny always comes to mind. They spent a lot of time together, therefore I spent a lot of time with them. The first story is one time I’m glad I wasn’t along. A Trip To Look At A College In spring of their senior year of high school, Butch and Kenny got in Kenny’s 63 Pontiac Tempsest with a 4 cylinder and a 3 speed factory floor shifter and headed out to check out Sul Ross. Oh by the way, … Continue reading Saying Goodbye To Butch Crownover

Santa Comes to Dripping Springs

We had moved to Dripping Springs in the mid 80s. It was a great place to raise kids. Life was really wonderful. Madeline was able to find something to occupy her time with every second of every day. And night. All of our little angels were involved in sports and a variety of other activities. We had an active church life with a great church family. Madeline was the Den Mother for the younger boys. It was Christmas time and we were hosting a party out at our place. Little Cub Scouts were everywhere. Madeline could talk my brother into … Continue reading Santa Comes to Dripping Springs

The New Microwaves

Depending on the Internet for most of my information, I looked to see when the microwave oven started making its way into kitchens everywhere. Well it says they first became available to consumers in the late 60’s. They were called Electronic Ovens. They never hit my radar until about 1977 or maybe it was 1978. Perhaps that’s when the first countertop models were introduced. Kenny and I had experienced a successful year and decided that would be the perfect gift for our wives for Christmas. We went out to find the very best we could afford. We found what was … Continue reading The New Microwaves

Back When We Were Kids

I often look back on my young life and growing up as the little brother. There were just the two of us, Kenny and me. We did almost everything together. That doesn’t mean we liked all the same things. Kenny was always an animal person and still is. He broke horses, had dogs that he trained to work goats and cattle. We both were involved in breaking horses, starting with Shetlands at a very young age, he was about 10 years old and I was 2 1/2 years younger. Of course that was his passion and I came along as … Continue reading Back When We Were Kids

Kenny and the Bird Condo

The picture below is of a birdhouse. Not just any ole birdhouse. This is a bird condo. This is like 50 bird birdhouse. One day there was an old fellow sitting on the side of the road with this gigantic birdhouse that he had built and had it for sale. This was at a time when Ken would have a drink or two before he would head home. He decided to stop and inquire about the birdhouse. I don’t remember the exact money deal so I’ll just make up something close. The guy said he wanted $300 for it. Kenny … Continue reading Kenny and the Bird Condo

Kenny’s Gift To Me and The Story Of The Homeless Woman

Kenny went off to an auction one Saturday where wildlife and birds of all kinds were being sold. This was at the very end of the big ostrich craze. You all remember that don’t you? There have been several others too, the Emu , the Llama, the Alpaca where anybody that’s anybody has to have some if they ever expect to become wealthy. Anyway Kenny decided my little estate could use a couple of the giant birds. So unbeknownst to me he pulled in and opened the trailer gate and made me the proud owner of the two ostriches. Like … Continue reading Kenny’s Gift To Me and The Story Of The Homeless Woman