Making A Trip Down I-35 With Kenny Lewis

I made a lame attempt at telling this story just after it happened. I don’t think I did justice to it, possible for fear that something might come along a bite my brother in the rear end and I didn’t need to be on a witness stand trying to explain myself. But since a couple of years or more has passed, I’m going to make another run at it. Kenny asked if I’d like to ride with him up south of Dallas to look at a piece of machinery that he was contemplating buying. I thought we would enjoy the … Continue reading Making A Trip Down I-35 With Kenny Lewis

The Women Only Bank

One day in the 80s Kenny was driving and I was the passenger. That’s generally the way we have always have traveled. Who needs to listen to a bunch of belly-aching about my driving. Not me. So I didn’t have to watch the road and see what he was about the crash into, I decided to read the newspaper. There was a story that I found intriguing. It was about this new bank they were opening in Austin and they were only going to have women customers. Relating the story to Kenny got him all stirred up. “This Women’s Lib … Continue reading The Women Only Bank

Tumbleweed Hill

Kenny had only been out of the Army for a short time. He was working for the company. I had a 1976 Chevy 4 Wheel Drive Pickup that I handed down to him. We had a project installing a new waterline that extended from near Mesa Dr, along Far West Blvd. The line would end near FM 2222 and Bull Creek Rd. This was Kenny’s project to oversee. We were for the first time living a role reversal, where I was his boss. I made an early morning drive by to check the progress and didn’t see Kenny anywhere, even … Continue reading Tumbleweed Hill

Going Boating

Kenny was away serving in the Army, so when he would come home, we spent as much time together as we could. He got home this one time and I had just purchased a Chrysler 17′ fiberglass boat, light yellow, with a 55 HP Chrysler outboard motor. (Yes there was a time that Chrysler got in the boat business – not a real successful venture) It was used, but just gently so. Not a real powerful boat but it would cruise up and down the lake. Gasoline was well south of $.50 per gallon back then. (For those unfamiliar with … Continue reading Going Boating

Kenny Lewis was always hard on vehicles

This was the result of a run-in with the bridge across the South San Gabriel River in RM 1869 just out of Liberty Hill, back in 1979. He hit the side of the bridge and flipped and landed about 30 feet below. Remarkably he wasn’t seriously hurt. He did get to spend the night in Brackenridge Hospital. I think he was pretty sore for a few days. A little addendum to this event: He got our mother and dad to pick him up at the crash site, but started feeling bad on the way to Smithwick, so had them turn … Continue reading Kenny Lewis was always hard on vehicles


In the early days of the Austin Rodeo moving to the new facility at the Travis County Expo Center in the Mid 1980s, Kenny had been very involved and was a “Founder“. A lot of the contractors in town volunteered a lot of time and money to that effort. I was not quite as involved. In fact, I just pretty much rode in on my brother’s coat-tails and enjoyed all the fun of the annual stock show and rodeo. He was very generous with tickets and the like. One night he and I decided to take my 3 older boys … Continue reading Yee-Haaaaw

The Sound of Hoof-Beats

I was the kind of kid that wanted to ride a donkey, if everyone else rode horses. Tar Baby was an average little donkey to most but he was my pride and joy. We were in rodeo parades with me dress as a clown. Kenny, my older bother was quite the horseman. He lived to break and train horses. I was made to help with the horse breaking, but it was something that I could have done without. By the time I was 7 or 8 years old our spending money came from working with Shetland Ponies. We lived on … Continue reading The Sound of Hoof-Beats

Ride With Me To Austin And I’ll Take You Back To Smithwick Tomorrow

Once Kenny and I were fooling around doing God only knows what one Saturday in Smithwick. I was living in Austin and Kenny was at a “flexible stage” in his life. I’m referring to when he was blowing in the wind, unattached. At some point something happened and it became necessary for us to go Austin. He wanted to go get his pickup, but knowing it was going to take up valuable time, I said “come on and ride with me and I can drive you back up to Smithwick tomorrow”. He agreed and we spent the night at my … Continue reading Ride With Me To Austin And I’ll Take You Back To Smithwick Tomorrow

My Brother And I Have A Very Special Relationship

Kenny and I see each other almost daily, but talk on the phone for sure every day. Now what do we have that is so important to talk about ? We have business interests together but that doesn’t seem to occupy much of our conversation time. We are much more likely to talk about the old days, the crazy people that have been in our lives, the really good people we’ve came in contact with. We tell each other about what animals we’ve seen, wild and domesticated. He runs cattle on my place so I keep him up to date … Continue reading My Brother And I Have A Very Special Relationship

The Banker and the South Texas Deer Stand

Kenny had a nice deer lease about mid ways between Laredo and Freer for a few years in the 1980s. One weekend he took took several bankers and other businessmen from Austin for a hunt. I wasn’t there but my best guess is there was a lot of drinking going on. Early Saturday morning he had one of his cohorts take a one the bankers to the tallest stand on the place. After getting the hunter up in the stand, he drove off in a jeep with a high rack on it. Not paying attention the high rack caught one … Continue reading The Banker and the South Texas Deer Stand