Learning To Water Ski

Kenny and I grew up on the lake and were out on it a lot. We spent a lot of time running up and down Lake Travis in a boat gathering up fish. We weren’t setting out trot lines or dropping hooks in the water either, but that’s a whole other matter we’ll have to get to at another time. I had a little boat that I had bought and had been waiting for Kenny to get in on leave from the Army before I launched it. We put the boat in the water one afternoon at Smithwick. The boat … Continue reading Learning To Water Ski

Writing Letters To My Brother

I never was much of a writer when I was younger. But I told myself that I’d stay in touch with my brother, Kenny by writing him often while he was away in Vietnam and also when he was stationed in Germany. Telephone calls were not possible in Vietnam, and much too expensive when he got to Germany. I would write and tell him what all was going on in my life. I’d tell him about everything crazy happening in Smithwick. There always seemed like something Cec had gotten into that needed to be told. He wrote back to me … Continue reading Writing Letters To My Brother

The Guy Had An Accident. Actually He Had Two.

This happened back in the winter of 1981 – 1982. It was a cold evening. I remember when this happened the same way I mark time for so much of my life. By what vehicle I was driving. It was 3/4 ton Chevrolet long bed, crew cab, a 1982 model. Chevrolet had just started making a 6.2 liter Diesel engine for their pickups. It was advertised to be the greatest advance in power that had ever been. I had to have one. I found one. I didn’t care what color it was or where I had to go to get … Continue reading The Guy Had An Accident. Actually He Had Two.

The Hitchhiker

Several years ago Kenny stopped by my place in Bertram one evening. He had a lot to say, but I don’t remember him ever saying anything that enlightened me much that night. That happens sometimes when he has made a trip or two too many to the cooler in the back of his pickup. At least back at that point in time. He was living on out the road from me about 5 or 6 miles. As the night wore on and I wore down I suggested that the best idea was for him was to come in and make … Continue reading The Hitchhiker

Death By Seatbelt

Once when we were doing a project in Dallas, my Suburban was having mechanical problems so I took it to the shop. They gave me a rental car. This was in the early 90s. Kenny was up helping me on that project so we would go eat before we would go to our apartment each evening. This night we determined where to go eat on our way home, but then I changed my mind. He was following me when we stop at a red light. I just opened the drivers door and stuck my head out to tell him to … Continue reading Death By Seatbelt

An Encounter With A Big Ol’ Sow (this happened back in June 2019, so you don’t need to send him any get-well cards – he’s fine)

The lady from down under the hill that owns one of his lease pastures called to say there was a hog back in the hay field. Kenny headed that way, it was just before dusk last night. He could see a really big sow out in the middle of the field. He leveled down on her with his .223 and pulled the trigger. She didn’t stay down, so he shot again. She ran for the thick brush. Knowing she was injured he grabbed his 9mm pistol and went in pursuit. He found her laying down but still alive. He shot … Continue reading An Encounter With A Big Ol’ Sow (this happened back in June 2019, so you don’t need to send him any get-well cards – he’s fine)

Wife To The Rescue

I KNEW ONE DAY WE COULD GET OLD KENNY WOUND UP. It took a little while after we got The Angora Chronicle up and running, but finally he cut loose and told us some of his famous wife stories. Wife To The Rescue – Part 1 For those that are not aware, I have been married three times. Even though I’m sure, had I ever gotten into a situation where I needed help in my defense, Karen would have been there, it just never came up. Shirley was my second wife. Many years ago we were at a Jackpot steer … Continue reading Wife To The Rescue

Brotherly Love Is A Subject I Bring Up Often. (This was from 3 years ago)

Nothing else is like the love of a brother. A brother that can make you so mad that for a moment you will write him off, thinking it’ll be alright if you never speak again. But within minutes all is forgiven, if not forgotten. The sibling that will do battle for you at the drop of a hat is the same person you have fought and argued with more than everyone else in the world combined. I have sons that have this same relationship. Mike and Ron, number 2 & 3, find themselves coming to each others aid and comfort … Continue reading Brotherly Love Is A Subject I Bring Up Often. (This was from 3 years ago)

Chuck Norris definitely wears Kenny Lewis pajamas

Back when Kenny had his place in Mexico, his son Kody brought a friend from Tennessee, Tom Brostowin, to hunt several times. On one trip Tom brought another fellow with him that was a New York Stockbroker type. Kenny dropped the two of them off at a big double stand for the morning hunt and then continued on. Kenny came back by little later to find them both sitting on the ground at the bottom on the stand. When ask why they weren’t up in the stand they told him there was a huge wasp nest in there. Following are … Continue reading Chuck Norris definitely wears Kenny Lewis pajamas

More Brotherly Love

There are some things that never change. We went in a place to eat lunch in Gatesville a while back. Upon finishing with our chicken fried steaks I pulled out my credit card to pay. When the gal didn’t get back with the check as fast as I wanted her to, I laid my card down on the table and said “get her to run this card while I go to the restroom“. Just trying to speed up things a little. He’d already signed the check when got back to the table. Not every time I pay a $30 bill … Continue reading More Brotherly Love