You Never Know Where A Conversation Will Take You

Through our gathering this past Saturday to assemble information about Pure Stone (now Huber) I brought up the name Doyle Wilkes, from Bertram. He died of a heart attack while on the job at Huber some 28 1/2 years ago. When I asked Robben Thompson if she remembered him, she said he was the nicest man and the hardest worker around. When he collapsed that day, she was there and performed CPR until the First Responders arrived. I told Robben that I barely knew Doyle. We met once. But from the marriage of his Baby Girl, Katherine and my #2 … Continue reading You Never Know Where A Conversation Will Take You

A Trip To Pennsylvania

The week I graduated from high school in May 1970, I was invited to take a trip up to Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania. There was a slight catch to it, the trip wasn’t going to pay much or maybe nothing at all. But all expenses were paid for. There were five of us traveling together. Pat Taylor, a MF school classmate that was year older than me, Kenny and Vicki Jackson, a gal by the name of Martha Rucker and Me. Pat and I were making the trip just to help transfer vehicles, but the other three were moving there to … Continue reading A Trip To Pennsylvania

My Encounter With Zoran

When we first bought our place in Corpus Christi and was getting moved in, I would see a fellow that easily could have been homeless walk along the side street, then cross Ocean Drive and disappear under the hill into Cole Park. This guy appeared to be about my age, looked a bit scraggly and always unshaven, but didn’t really have a beard. One of those guys that you wonder how he appears to never shave, yet never has a real beard. My house was full of windows, especially on the lower floor, looking out onto Corpus Christi Bay and … Continue reading My Encounter With Zoran

The Strange Encounter With Heiko

 When we first bought our home in Corpus Christi back in 2012 we did a minor makeover job to it. This mostly was done before we moved in. We hired a contractor to do the remodeling and painting. We also found a pool contractor to build what I called the largest hot tub or smallest swimming pool in Corpus.  I couldn’t find a good and affordable landscape company so I was glad when Madeline handed me a business card that a fellow had stopped by and given her. Madeline had been out in the front yard, when this very large … Continue reading The Strange Encounter With Heiko

A Cat On His Shoulder !

Once a fellow called me to come to his office and talk about a big project he was getting ready to build. I’m not sure how he came across our name. When I got there his secretary took me into a conference room. In a few minutes the dude came in carry a big fluffy furry cat and set it down on the table. Then the cat jumped from the table to his shoulder. We conducted the whole meeting with me looking across the table at a guy with a big furry cat on his shoulder. We didn’t make a … Continue reading A Cat On His Shoulder !

A Lady Asked Why I Would Type Everything On An IPhone.

The preceding question was ask on a Facebook group that I belong to. I followed up with this response: I have written more than 1600 stories, including a book all on my iPhone. A well intentioned person ask this: Ronnie Lewis why wouldn’t you dictate? (Name of the inquisitor) not sure. But I’m not complaining about doing it. I guess mostly because I find it a good way to write, think and write some more. It doesn’t matter where I am I can go about my own business without it interfering with others. If I’m in a restaurant, sitting in … Continue reading A Lady Asked Why I Would Type Everything On An IPhone.

Glenn And The Inspection Sticker

I went down on W. 6th street just east of Lamar to buy a new pickup at McMorris Ford. I picked out a 1972 Ford 3/4 ton. We had gotten rained out on the job that afternoon so Glenn Lewis had ridden along with me. Big Jimmy Palmer had been along too, so he took my old truck and left. After making the deal on the truck we both were just milling around waiting for them to finish servicing it, so I could drive it home. It was late in the day and most everyone had left, both on the … Continue reading Glenn And The Inspection Sticker

The PreCast Concrete Venture That Exposed Me To A Ponzi Scheme

The year was 1991. I had spent 20 years digging ditches and I thought enough is enough. The economy was in the crapper. The great real estate boom of the 80s was over and all the big water and wastewater lines had been constructed to the far reaches of the city and beyond in Austin. The future didn’t look so swell for our business. I needed a break. I thought it was time for some new scenery, so to speak. I had two groups of employees by that time. The old and the new. It was time for the old … Continue reading The PreCast Concrete Venture That Exposed Me To A Ponzi Scheme

Checking Out People As A Hobby

I don’t know why, but I’ve always been nosey. I like to find out everything I can about everybody I ever run across. Well almost everyone, but don’t worry I doubt I’ve checked out any of my Angora Friends. Since the beginning of the Internet I have found many ways to obtain sketchy and useful information on people. I even subscribed to several paid services. It has been a good and worthwhile hobby, finding long lost friends for people and rounding up names for class reunions and such as that. In the early days of the Internet it was easier … Continue reading Checking Out People As A Hobby

Have You Ever Gotten A Business Proposition That Sounded Like A Scam? Of Course You Have.

Below is an email proposal that I once received and then my response. For some reason Andrew never contacted me again. “The Proposal”Dear Ronnie Lewis, (Lewis Contractors)My Name is Andrew Dunlop and I work for a company based here in Canada. I have a business proposal which will benefit both of us. I will give you a brief overview on the proposal. I request that you act as an intermediary agent/supplier to my company. In so doing, this will yield high dividends for both of us. However, I need your co-operation to make this business opportunity a success. My company … Continue reading Have You Ever Gotten A Business Proposition That Sounded Like A Scam? Of Course You Have.