The Hood Blew Open

A month before Madeline and I married in 1971, I had a 1968 Ford Galaxy 500 that I rear ended a Williamson Country Road Maintenance Pickup in Liberty Hill, completely demolishing the front end. It took a couple of months to get it the repairs done. I finally got it out of the body shop on a Friday afternoon, just before leaving on Saturday morning for the Jordan Christmas Party in Houston. The Jordan Family Christmas Party was the highlight every year for Madeline’s whole family, when they got to see all their cousins, aunts and uncles on her dads … Continue reading The Hood Blew Open

If I Had It To Do All Over Again

I often contemplate the words of that title. It’s almost like asking “What Is The Meaning Of Life“. What I really think is I wouldn’t change all that much for my own benefit. I would probably go at things at a little slower pace, in an attempt to make things easier on my now aging bones. I could always say that I should have spent less and saved more, but perhaps that was always a motivating force to continue to forge ahead. What I think about a lot are the missed opportunities to spend more time friends and loved ones. … Continue reading If I Had It To Do All Over Again

The Strange Encounter With Heiko

 When we first bought our home in Corpus Christi back in 2012 we did a minor makeover job to it. This mostly was done before we moved in. We hired a contractor to do the remodeling and painting. We also found a pool contractor to build what I called the largest hot tub or smallest swimming pool in Corpus.  I couldn’t find a good and affordable landscape company so I was glad when Madeline handed me a business card that a fellow had stopped by and given her. Madeline had been out in the front yard, when this very large … Continue reading The Strange Encounter With Heiko

Mr. Bob Coffee – Sculptor Extraordinaire

I was at a funeral in Smithwick this morning of Marvin Turner. While standing around visiting afterwards I sauntered over where Kenny was conversing with a group of gentlemen that were all neighbors with he and Marvin down on Cow Creek. After Kenny introduced me all around, a kindly gentleman, the most senior of the group said “you are the fellow that wrote that book, The Angora Chronicles, aren’t you”? Of course I immediately took credit for it. He said he has just finished reading it. He asked if there were other editions. I feigned at how busy I am, … Continue reading Mr. Bob Coffee – Sculptor Extraordinaire

Checking Out People As A Hobby

I don’t know why, but if always been nosey. I like to find out everything I can about everybody I ever run across. Well almost everyone, but don’t worry I doubt I’ve checked out any of my Angora Friends. Since the beginning of the Internet I have found many ways to obtain sketchy info on people, even subscribing to several paid services. It has been a good hobby, finding long lost friends for people and rounding up names class reunions and such as that. In the early days of the Internet it was easier than it is now. The farther … Continue reading Checking Out People As A Hobby

Let Me Tell You About Bill

Bill is a woodworker. Actually he is a woodturner, mainly. His works are beautiful. He lives in Bertram. It’s an amazing story of how we met. Madeline has a cousin in Houston that owns a bookstore that specializes in Murder Mysteries. In fact I think that’s all they carry. The name of the store is Murder by the Book. I think it’s been there for many years. This younger cousin worked there, then bought it after a time and married the bookstore manager. I may have the sequence of events out of order, but that’s the story for the most … Continue reading Let Me Tell You About Bill

You Can Take The Boy Out Of The Country, But………

I was down at Turkey Bend one time visiting all the old Hall women as they were referred to. This consisted of sisters, Mabel Hall Wilson, Earlie Hall Croft, Mamie Hall Franck, and their sister in law Libby Hall. They all lived there in one little wad, so when you went to visit one, you just about needed to make an afternoon of it, but it was always a pleasure to do so. I always called them Aunt, not because they were my aunts, but out of respect. I’m not sure why that was respectful, but it was. I know … Continue reading You Can Take The Boy Out Of The Country, But………

The Fruit Basket

Growing up in Smithwick, I knew just about everyone that ever came through there.After getting out of school and getting married, I left for Austin and would get back up there every few weeks. But things were changing faster than I could keep up with. The 227 acres that Kenny and I grew up on started being sold off in small tracts. While it’s no secret we didn’t really like it that Cec was selling it off, it wasn’t our choice. He had inherited the property from his Dad in 1958, when our Grandfather, Theron, passed away. But it appeared … Continue reading The Fruit Basket

A Trip To Pennsylvania

The week I graduated from high school in May 1970, I was invited to take a trip up to Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania. There was a slight catch to it, the trip wasn’t going to pay much or maybe nothing at all. But all expenses were paid for. There were five of us traveling together. Pat Taylor, a MF school classmate, year older than me, Kenny and Vicki Jackson, a gal by the name of Martha Rucker and Me. Pat and I were making the trip just to help transfer vehicles, but the other three were moving there to be employed … Continue reading A Trip To Pennsylvania

We Weren’t Made To Feel Very Welcome In Victoria, Texas

Back in the late 70’s things were going pretty well for us in the construction business, but had slowed a bit. As things often happen, a miracle job fell out of the sky. A Burnet County fellow had gone off to Houston and was doing well contracting with Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. I knew of this guy but mostly just by name. He was a generation ahead of me, about my Dads age. He had been offered an opportunity to bid a project for SWB in Victoria. He didn’t have the manpower nor the proper sized equipment for such an … Continue reading We Weren’t Made To Feel Very Welcome In Victoria, Texas