Mrs. Lily Mae Little

Back in 76 we were needing something to do. (That is what we say in the construction business when our inventory of work has been depleted) An acquaintance of ours, a competitor, had landed a big project up in North Texas, in the Possum Kingdom Area. It was more work than his crews could adequately handle, so we contracted for part of the project. We would be laying a 10 mile long segment of 24” water line. I was only 24 years old at the time. Madeline, our not yet 2 year old son Matthew and I relocated to that … Continue reading Mrs. Lily Mae Little

The Nichols Brothers and how the magic of Facebook helped to write their full story

Back in the 70s we had a band of brothers that came to work for us. They were hardworking, honest to a fault it seems like and a little bit crazy. When I say “honest to a fault”, I mean that they gave you a better days work than maybe they should have, as in it seemed like they were killing themselves to be sure you knew they were earning their pay. Larry, Richard and Conner were their names. Larry was a little older than me, Richard was about my age and Conner was a bit younger. It was easy … Continue reading The Nichols Brothers and how the magic of Facebook helped to write their full story

The Guy Had An Accident. Actually He Had Two.

This happened back in the winter of 1981 – 1982. It was a cold evening. I remember when this happened the same way I mark time for so much of my life. By what vehicle I was driving. It was 3/4 ton Chevrolet long bed, crew cab, a 1982 model. Chevrolet had just started making a 6.2 liter Diesel engine for their pickups. It was advertised to be the greatest advance in power that had ever been. I had to have one. I found one. I didn’t care what color it was or where I had to go to get … Continue reading The Guy Had An Accident. Actually He Had Two.

Because It Felt Right

Back in the 1980s, probably the summer of 1987 or 88 , I was an adult sponsor on a high school church mission trip to Appalachia. A chance encounter happened one evening. After our hard days work, we would walk to a convenience store a couple of blocks from the community center where we stayed each night. We would go there and get ice cream, but mostly we went there to use a pay phone to call home. I had a cell phone but it was difficult back then to get service many places. We were in a little town … Continue reading Because It Felt Right

Sometimes I Think Trouble Finds Me, Before It Even Looks For Anyone Else

This adventure started on Saturday morning Jan. 11th, 2014. I received a call from a young man that I’ve known his entire life, but haven’t had much contact with for many years. Johnny, as I’ll call him here, said he was down on his luck and could I give him some work. Being in Corpus Christi, 250 miles from Bertram, I said no I really didn’t have any work. I cut the conversation pretty short. A few minutes later I got a text from Johnny. Would I loan him $300. The answer was “NO”. Telling my wife about the call … Continue reading Sometimes I Think Trouble Finds Me, Before It Even Looks For Anyone Else

The Money Collector

Eddie was our welder for a good number of years. There wasn’t a better welder or a better feller around. Eddie told the story of his brother, also a welder up in Oklahoma, that ran his own shop. He was having a terrible time getting people to pay him for the work he did. Then he heard of a guy that would help him out and was given a business card. He called the number and told the man the problem he was having. He was told to expect a visit. A couple of days later a long black sedan, … Continue reading The Money Collector

The Dust Up At The Post Office

We were talking about the Post Office on here one time and it made me think of an incident that I got involved in a few years ago at the Bertram Post Office. I walked in one day to transact some business. I found myself behind a young lady being waited on by the Post Mistress herself. The gals mother was driving a truck cross country and found herself out in Ontario, Ca. broke down and in the need of funds. She had left a credit card here at home that she was in desperate need of.Daughter was trying to … Continue reading The Dust Up At The Post Office

A Visit From The Jehovah’s Witnesses

One Sunday afternoon I was sitting around the house, with my three younger sons. They were all still in school, but big teenagers by that time. We looked out as a minivan drove up and parked in the circular drive out front. We all four went out to see what they wanted. Not usually how we greeted folks, a whole hoard of Lewis’s, but we all ended up facing off with a young, mid 20’s guy and older fellow, maybe in his 70’s. They had papers in there hands, and gave us all some pamphlets that we could read. The … Continue reading A Visit From The Jehovah’s Witnesses

Lewis the Hawksbill Turtle

It was a Saturday morning in the Fall of 2012 and I asked our neighbors down at Port Aransas, Gene and Virginia, if they would like to go with me to the Padre Island National Seashore. We had talked before about going to the two areas they call Little Shell Beach and Big Shell Beach. We drove about 22 miles south of the visitor center before we decided to turn around. The going got too rough to chance continuing any further. On the way back we saw a huge Turtle on the beach not very far out of the water. … Continue reading Lewis the Hawksbill Turtle

A Trip To Pennsylvania

The week I graduated from high school in May 1970, I was invited to take a trip up to Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania. There was a slight catch to it, the trip wasn’t going to pay much or maybe nothing at all. But all expenses were paid for. There were five of us traveling together. Pat Taylor, a MF school classmate that was year older than me, Kenny and Vicki Jackson, a gal by the name of Martha Rucker and Me. Pat and I were making the trip just to help transfer vehicles, but the other three were moving there to … Continue reading A Trip To Pennsylvania