Checking Out People As A Hobby

I don’t know why, but I’ve always been nosey. I like to find out everything I can about everybody I ever run across. Well almost everyone, but don’t worry I doubt I’ve checked out any of my Angora Friends.

Since the beginning of the Internet I have found many ways to obtain sketchy and useful information on people. I even subscribed to several paid services. It has been a good and worthwhile hobby, finding long lost friends for people and rounding up names for class reunions and such as that. In the early days of the Internet it was easier than it is now. The farther we go down the information highway the more people have found ways to charge higher and higher sums for less and less enlightenment. This has caused me to pull back on my sleuthing.

One of my most fun things was when I knew I was going to meet someone for the first time, I’d get their name and find out facts that I could use as a great conversation starter upon being introduced.

One of my sons was bringing a new girlfriend around one day so I got her name and where she went to school. Well, with her being a young lady I wasn’t figuring I’d get any scoop on her, so I became familiar with other people that lived on the street where she grew up. Upon meeting her the conversation went something like this after the introduction:

“Well Tiffany, where are you from?”

When she told me the town where she was from, League City, I said, “really I have some good friends that live there”.

Oh really“, she said “and who would that be?”

I blurted out “Danny and Linda Rocket(I loved that their name was Rocket and they lived right by NASA), knowing they were next door neighbors of her parents.

She was startled, then I said I also know whatever the couple that lived on the other side of her folks. I don’t remember their name all these many years later.

As our visit wore on my son and I explained to her that I really didn’t know anyone in League City and it had all been fun and games. She seemed fine with it and saw the humor in it.

When she told her mother about the fellow in Austin that she was dating and how her new beau’s father had done a thorough background check on her, Momma was not happy.

They dated for awhile and I finally got to meet Momma. Eventually everything settled down.

When we got to the wedding reception some time later, my brand new daughter in law came over to grab me so she could introduce me to Danny and Linda Rocket. It was a huge affair so I somehow managed to breakaway and become invisible for most of the rest of the night.

I didn’t see any reason that I needed to get to know the Rockets, however nice a people I’m sure they are.

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