Going Boating

Kenny was away serving in the Army, so when he would come home, we spent as much time together as we could.

He got home this one time and I had just purchased a Chrysler 17′ fiberglass boat, light yellow, with a 55 HP Chrysler outboard motor. (Yes there was a time that Chrysler got in the boat business – not a real successful venture)

It was used, but just gently so. Not a real powerful boat but it would cruise up and down the lake. Gasoline was well south of $.50 per gallon back then. (For those unfamiliar with the my terminology – that means it was costing less than 50 cents per gallon)

Kenny and Karen were living on about $400 a month if I remember correctly. Being in the Army wasn’t going to make you rich.

We headed up to Smithwick and the lake from my South Austin home. Needing gas I stopped in a Texaco station at 290 and Westgate Blvd. That was a time before self service. A little gal came bouncing out to fill us up. By the time we bought a couple of bottles of outboard oil, filled up 2 of the outboard gas tanks and topped off my trucks tank, the total bill came to just around $20.

Kenny, wanting to do his part since I was furnishing the boat and pickup, insisted on paying. Reluctantly I agreed.

Kenny handed her a fifty. As she turned to head inside to get his change, I said in my best Kenny Lewis voice “hey BABE, just keep the change”.

I immediately turned and got in the truck, as I heard her say, “Oh, my God, thank you so much”.

Kenny was speechless.

I worked in a gas station when I was a kid and the most tip I ever got was a quarter I think. Tipping like that was unheard of.

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