The Gifts That Mean The Most

I am a little sentimental about gifts that my grandkids give me, even more so of things my sons made or bought for me when they were small. One gift that dates back close to 35 years, that I count as one of my most treasured possessions. It stayed out on my dresser for years, but somewhere along the way it got put in my sock drawer and remains there to this day. Most people would look at this prized possession and wonder why I have it in my sock drawer. The answer is simple. It was a gift this … Continue reading The Gifts That Mean The Most

The Sound of Hoof-Beats

I was the kind of kid that wanted to ride a donkey, if everyone else rode horses. Tar Baby was an average little donkey to most but he was my pride and joy. We were in rodeo parades with me dress as a clown. Kenny, my older bother was quite the horseman. He lived to break and train horses. I was made to help with the horse breaking, but it was something that I could have done without. By the time I was 7 or 8 years old our spending money came from working with Shetland Ponies. We lived on … Continue reading The Sound of Hoof-Beats

A Typical, Yet Untypical Vacation

One of our family vacations that we were able to plan ahead and actually take was to California. I say that, because many times we planned vacations and because of being self employed the business would get shoved in front of family. For that I’m regretful but being in business afforded us opportunities that perhaps we wouldn’t have had otherwise. This year, 1986 I think, took us to Los Angeles to do some of the same stuff most people do when there. Universal Studios and other Hollywood stuff, went to see the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach as well … Continue reading A Typical, Yet Untypical Vacation

The Turtle Rescuer Girl

At our family reunion in 2013 my cousin Gerald Kirkland and his daughter Shannon came from Arkansas. After the reunion was over they came to visit Madeline and me in Corpus Christi for a couple of days. To give them a look at the Gulf Coast we drove out to the Padre Island National Seashore to hunt for seashells and look around. It’s a very primitive area where there are few people unlike other areas of the beach on Padre or Mustang Island’s. It was in turtle hatching season. The US Park Service hires college students that they have out … Continue reading The Turtle Rescuer Girl

What Works In Texas May Not Work In Other Places

A few years ago several members of the Lewis family traveled to San Diego, California to attend the Marine Recruit Training Graduation of one of our sons. We were staying in a hotel not far from the Marine Base. Some of us walked down to a restaurant a block or so from the hotel to get something to eat. I remember the service not being all that good, especially when it came to paying the bill. Finally I stuck a $100 bill under the check (it was enough to cover the bill and tip) and we left. Most of us … Continue reading What Works In Texas May Not Work In Other Places

Learning Life’s Lessons

I was probably in the 3rd grade and Kenny was in the 5th. Mr. Henniger was the principal at Pond Springs School at the little three room school we attended in Jollyville. After we ate our lunch each day, Mr. Henniger had a chest type freezer in his office where he kept ice cream bars. If you had a nickel you could buy a ice cream sandwich or a fudgsicle to eat out on the playground. He would go in and we would all line up and watch as he unlocked the freezer with a key on the big key … Continue reading Learning Life’s Lessons