Cecil Let A Blast Get Away From Him

Back in 1967 there was an old service station in Burnet at US 281 and League St. The owner decided to replace the old gas tanks with new larger ones. After they had removed the old tanks it was discovered that some rock would need to be blasted so the hole would become large enough for the new tanks. Cec (the name that Kenny and I called him by – short for Cecil) was contacted about coming up to Burnet to drill & shoot the the rock. (Shoot the rock means to dynamite it or blast it) Off he went … Continue reading Cecil Let A Blast Get Away From Him

The Things That Young Men Do

A while back I was reminded of a happening by my long time friend Clay Simmons. He, Kenny and I were making a mad dash from somewhere to Marble Falls by way of Hwy 281 north, with Kenny behind the wheel. What the hurry was escapes me, but we were always in a hurry. When we approached the railroad tracks north of town the pickup sputtered as it started to run out of gas. Having a fleet of dump trucks we commonly had a barrel of gasoline tied off on the back with a pump in it, to rescue a … Continue reading The Things That Young Men Do

The Unfortunate Happening On The Side Of Ben White Blvd.

John Harlan did a lot of our road-bores back in my early days in the business. A road-bore is where we drill underneath a roadway or other obstacle to install a pipe for some type of utility. John wasn’t the easiest feller to get along with, but if he and his sons showed up on the job, one thing for sure is they would get the bore done. Besides it was a real sideshow watching them hollering, cussin, and storming around at each other. Back around 40 years ago I had a project in Austin and was waiting for John … Continue reading The Unfortunate Happening On The Side Of Ben White Blvd.

The Big Accident

Below are two of our early Angora Chronicles Stories that some will remember, while others probably never heard about. It is stories that involves my beloved Grandson Will “Catfish” Lewis. While it happened when he was still 11 years old, it lives on in my memory almost every time I drive out my front gate. Will turned 16 yesterday and now has his own pickup to drive. He is a very good driver and I wish him all the best and hold high my prayers over him for his safety every time he is behind the wheel. This is the … Continue reading The Big Accident

The Gift Of Grandparents In Children’s Lives

I’ve mentioned before about what a blessing my grandmothers played in my life. I mostly grew up without the benefit of a grandfather. My mothers dad died when she was 9 years old, which was a decade before I was born. My grandfather, my dad’s father – Theron died when I was barely 6. I had just stated first grade. I have memories of him, but not many true interactions. Yes, riding on a tractor with him as he plowed and falling asleep. I probably don’t actually remember that but I remember stories of it happening. I’ve had grandkids ride … Continue reading The Gift Of Grandparents In Children’s Lives

The Bluebonnet

My name is She-Who-Is-Alone. I am a Comanche Indian who lived in Texas a long time ago. When I lived in Texas, only Indians lived here. They call me She-Who-Is-Alone because my parents and the rest of my family died. They died during the drought, when it did not rain for a long time. Texas is very hot in the summer. Without rain, the crops do not grow. Without food, many people get sick and die. The horses and buffalo need water also. When the drought came, we prayed to the Great Spirits for help. The people played the drums … Continue reading The Bluebonnet

A Trip Out West To The YFZ (Yearning for Zion)

I posted back in 2015 about a trip I took out to the Warren Jeffs Compound near El Dorado, Texas. (That’s the FB link below.) https://www.facebook.com/groups/729839877052650/permalink/915226678513968/ Below is a San Antonio Express News article about it, including a potential buyer that had been found. https://www.expressnews.com/news/local/article/Former-polygamist-ranch-near-Eldorado-finally-sold-13653866.php#photo-17002669 I’m glad someone has found a use for that place. I scratched my head aplenty trying to figure who would be a good match for owning such a place, given its remote location and the amount of money it would require to maintain it. Continue reading A Trip Out West To The YFZ (Yearning for Zion)

The Bet

I need some of my friends on here to help me. I’m having a little trouble collecting a bet out of my brother. He has just locked completely down and won’t even discuss paying me. I’m thinking there may have to be some public shaming needed to get him to turn loose of that money. Here’s what happened. I was telling him about the story I told on here a couple weeks ago about this hunting trip we took up to Utah back in about 1984 or 85. When I got to the part about how he, Coy Foust and … Continue reading The Bet

The Only Track Meet I Ever Competed In

Going to school in Jollyville didn’t provide for someone of the things that going to a more traditional school did. We didn’t have any sort of a sports program. We played kickball and dodgeball out on the playground. That was about it for sports. The principal, Mr. Pyle had come to us after being a coach and principal at Thrall. A year or so after he arrived at Jollyville, in my 6th grade year, he arraigned for those boys in grades 6 – 8 to go compete in the Thrall Track Meet. Eight or ten boys loaded up in cars, … Continue reading The Only Track Meet I Ever Competed In