The Horse In The Highway

I was driving my first car, a 1963 Ford Galaxy. Prior to buying that car I had driven whatever vehicle was setting around. In those days there were several to choose from. It looked like a used car lot in front of our house. The year was 1967. I was almost 15. After closing down the Texaco, my first job outside of working for my dad, I drove up and down the street until it appeared everyone had headed home, so I started out for the 9 mile trip to Smithwick. The time was early to be going home, I … Continue reading The Horse In The Highway

Rubbing Shoulders With Eva Longoria

Once during a rant earlier on my Political Speak Group I related the following true story. I’m not reposting it in its entirety due to my desire to not politicize this group. But you can gather I have a very different view of life than she does: Now for the story. I was invited to sit on the floor at a San Antonio Spurs game in the owners seats at courtside. Eva and Tony Parker were an item at the time. She was seated a couple of rows behind us. Several times she got up and walked along in front … Continue reading Rubbing Shoulders With Eva Longoria

The Story That Shouldn’t Be Told

There was a guy once that left Houston to go with his wife and a son to Augusta, Ga. to visit yet another son that was training there with the US Army. This absolute idiot of a guy decided to go on the Atkins Diet while traveling. Not the brightest move I’d say. If a person eats only meat, cheese and eggs for several days, his regularly is not exactly in check if you know what I mean. The Atkins Diet Plan instructs you to take Psyllium Fiber to help with the above condition. The time to take a bunch … Continue reading The Story That Shouldn’t Be Told

I Was Just About As Hungry As I Had Ever Been

I was a 17 year old kid, a growing boy I was. Butch Sayers got me to go with him to Marysville, California to deliver a truck load of Corriente Steers (Mexican Roping Steers). We left Marble Falls in the middle of the afternoon and arrived in Del Rio at the stockyards after dark. The trip had been sprung on me suddenly and I didn’t have a chance to eat before we left. I mentioned to Butch a couple of times that we may want to make a stop and get a bite to eat. All he was thinking about … Continue reading I Was Just About As Hungry As I Had Ever Been

A Trip To Pennsylvania

The week I graduated from high school, May 1970, I was invited to take a trip up to Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania. There was a slight catch to it, the trip wasn’t going to pay much or maybe nothing at all. But all expenses were paid for. There were 5 of us traveling together. Price Allen “Pat” Taylor, a MF school chum – year older than me, Kenny and Vickey Jackson, and a gal by the name of Martha Rucker.Pat and I were making the trip just to help transfer vehicles, but the other 3 were moving there to be employed … Continue reading A Trip To Pennsylvania

The Narcoleptic Motorcycle Rider

I think there are certain things that come naturally, that good judgement comes with experience. For me, even though I owned a Honda Goldwing for about 12 or 13 years I only took one long trip on it. That was to Tulsa, Oklahoma. I know that’s not that far by some motorcycle traveling enthusiasts standards. I think I trusted myself on that trip because it was cold going up. Of course I just made it to Fort Worth the first night. On the way home it rained straight down, hard a good part of the way home. Being a chronic … Continue reading The Narcoleptic Motorcycle Rider

Cecil Lewis Was Always Resourceful And He Taught Us

In the early days of our roadbuilding careers, there was a need to haul heavy pieces of equipment, mostly a D-7 Caterpillar Bulldozer, from Smithwick to Jonestown. We didn’t always have trucks that had the horsepower and the gears to get us over all the hills. We knew from experience which ones were going to give us fits, so I’d go along in a pickup and before we’d get to one of those such hills we’d pull over and hook a chain to the front of the truck and I could give just enough of a tug with the pickup … Continue reading Cecil Lewis Was Always Resourceful And He Taught Us