Is It Bell’s Palsy or a Stoke ?

While we were living in Corpus Christi, I was home alone. I hadn’t slept well, but what’s new. I got up and went down stairs and made myself a cup of coffee. I went over and took a seat in my easy chair where I would be waiting for the sun to rise over Corpus Christi Bay.

I was dressed in my usual attire for the coast, shorts and a tee shirt. As I started to sip my coffee I started to notice that my mouth wasn’t working exactly right.

I’ve been drinking coffee for almost 50 years and this morning I would turn the cup up and take a sip, only to see a great amount end up running down the front of my shirt.

I would feel of my mouth, lips, my jaw and everything felt normal but surely it wasn’t. Had I been afflicted with Bell’s Palsy or maybe a Stroke? I had never had either so I wasn’t sure what it felt like.

With each sip I’d be more careful, but with the same result. I thought after a while that yes, things didn’t feel right.

I found WEB MD on the internet. I started reading about each condition and nothing fit perfect but it could be either one. Or perhaps I’d misdiagnosed it all together. I have long been accused of having a big imagination, especially when it comes to matters of my health.

I considered calling Madeline, but I didn’t want to worry her. If I kept seeing the symptoms then maybe I would later.

The dread and worry about my mortality continued to run through my head. Once I had made myself even more sick just thinking about it, I decide to dump the rest of my coffee out. I just wasn’t in the mood for drinking any more coffee.

That’s when I discovered that the cup I was drinking from had 2 lids on it. (I always use the disposable cups with lids) every time I tilted the cup, coffee would pour out between the lids, giving me only a small amount in mouth and the rest on the front of my shirt.

It’s amazing what stuff goes through a mind when you least expect it.

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