The Story That Shouldn’t Be Told

There was a guy once that left Houston to go with his wife and a son to Augusta, Ga. to visit yet another son that was training there with the US Army. This absolute idiot of a guy decided to go on the Atkins Diet while traveling. Not the brightest move I’d say. If a person eats only meat, cheese and eggs for several days, his regularly is not exactly in check if you know what I mean. The Atkins Diet Plan instructs you to take Psyllium Fiber to help with the above condition. The time to take a bunch … Continue reading The Story That Shouldn’t Be Told

The Narcoleptic Motorcycle Rider

I think there are certain things that come naturally, that good judgement comes with experience. For me, even though I owned a Honda Goldwing for about 12 or 13 years I only took one long trip on it. That was to Tulsa, Oklahoma. I know that’s not that far by some motorcycle traveling enthusiasts standards. I think I trusted myself on that trip because it was cold going up. Of course I just made it to Fort Worth the first night. On the way home it rained straight down, hard a good part of the way home. Being a chronic … Continue reading The Narcoleptic Motorcycle Rider

I Am Very Fortunate That My Mother Kept So Many Of The Little Keepsakes From My Childhood

I have so many things now to look back on and to help me recall my childhood, all thanks to my mother. This little wallet is an example of the things she held onto, on my behalf. The remote isn’t really old, but is being used to demonstrate the small size of that wallet. This very small kid size wallet, that my mother name and address in, was from Mexico. As you can see I carried it many a mile. How it survived is beyond me. This was bought in the very early 1960s. I can’t put my hands on … Continue reading I Am Very Fortunate That My Mother Kept So Many Of The Little Keepsakes From My Childhood

The Fire Alarms

Within a year of Madeline and I marrying we had lived in a big mobile home, then moved next door to a little trailer house (rented from an old couple that meddled) and in an old motel in Burnet (because there was nowhere else to rent). Actually that all happened in the first 10 month of our marriage. Then we rented a mobile home Mobile Home Park in Oak Hill, in the western edge of Austin on Texas 71. A knock on the door one evening found a fellow there that had good news for us. He was there to … Continue reading The Fire Alarms

On Being A Left Hander

Being Left Handed Myself………. not sure how it would have worked out in my case, to make me write with my right hand. Almost everyone said I had the worst handwriting of anyone. I could have made a real mess trying to write with my right hand. However my grandmother, Leona, was left handed, but they “switched” her when she started to school. She had beautiful handwriting and the experience left her mostly ambidextrous with everything she did. Continue reading On Being A Left Hander

Back When I Was “Retired”

Oh what a difference six years can make. Back then I was retired, getting up and walking a mile or so down Ocean Drive and then onto Shoreline Drive to the wharf area to watch the sun rise up over Corpus Christi Bay. I really met some interesting folks on those strolls. While out for a walk one morning I ran across an interesting fellow. We walked and talked for a mile or so. Very interesting guy. When we were parting ways that first morning we actually did our introductions. “Well I’m Tom Sawyer” to which I said “I’m Huck … Continue reading Back When I Was “Retired”

Kenny’s Present To Me, Plus The Story Of The Homeless Woman

Kenny went off to an auction one Saturday where wildlife and birds of all sorts were being sold. This was at the very end of the big Ostrich craze. You know what I mean. There have been several others too, the Emu , the Llama, the Alpaca where anybody that’s anybody has to have some if they ever expect to become wealthy. Anyway Ken decided my little estate could use a couple of the giant birds. So unbeknownst to me he pulled in and opened the trailer gate and made me the proud owner of the two beasts. Like I … Continue reading Kenny’s Present To Me, Plus The Story Of The Homeless Woman