Oh, If not for the memories!

Yesterday it fell to me to have my granddaughter Sofia accompany me on my last minute rounds to town to finish up gathering stuff for our Thanksgiving Feast today. We talked about where we could have lunch. She choose Chuck E Cheese. I talked her down off of that and suggested GattiLand in Round Rock. Only because I knew where that was and couldn’t think of a close by Chuck E place. We arrived early, soon after they opened at 11:00. There was a lady standing near the front door with a small boy. I greeted her and went inside. … Continue reading Oh, If not for the memories!

The Thanksgiving Feast

This time a year is always my favorite time to eat, like it is for most people. A few years ago I went to an ENT Doc in Austin. He sent me over to an all night sleep clinic. After doing the sleep study and every thing else I could do in hopes of getting a full nights sleep, this guy wanted me to wear a CPAP mask while I sleep. I just couldn’t see that ever happening. So I decided his second option may work into my overall plan better. He said he could go in and snip my … Continue reading The Thanksgiving Feast

Being A Super Snooper At Heart

I have a friend that I have gotten to know over the past few years. We met in the strangest of ways. This fellow had been a friend and one time roommate in Houston of Winfield Scott’s. He had met Winfield and Millard through a girl he dated for for several years. She was their cousin that lived in Austin. RG had lost touch with the Scott’s and his old girlfriend. As he googled the name Winfield Scott some of the stories I have written popped up. That’s when he found out that Winfield died several years ago. RG is … Continue reading Being A Super Snooper At Heart

George and the Misunderstanding

One day back in the late 1970s Cecil, our dad, called and asked if we could do a favor for George. George is Smithwick’s own George Despain. They both knew we did a lot business with Holt Caterpillar. “Would we put a set of dozer tracks on our account, so George could get the best deal possible”? George would give Cec a check for the bill. We readily agreed to it. Wasn’t any skin off of us. George got his tracks all was great. Kenny nor I gave it much thought, figuring that Cec gave the check to the other … Continue reading George and the Misunderstanding

Hey Y’all I Have A Serious Question

When someone recommends a book to you, and as you read it, it has very sexually graphic parts in it, how do you feel about it. Are you left thinking – Why am I reading this trash ? The author could have done this book without such language? Why wasn’t I warned more about this? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a 70 year old male prude. I can read just about anything. Books can be very graphic and I’m not bothered at all by it. Life in itself is very graphic. The human animal can be very graphic. … Continue reading Hey Y’all I Have A Serious Question

Things Are So Much Different Now Than They Were 50 Years Ago

When I was a teenager, you could get a gun pulled on you and not end up dead. During a two year time frame, my junior and senior years, I was on the receiving end of a handgun four times. Each circumstance was way different from the others. But back then people knew how to point a gun at you and not pull the trigger. Now when someone shows you thier gun, there is a good chance they are going to shoot you. In fact out of those four incidents, there was only one time that a gun even discharged. … Continue reading Things Are So Much Different Now Than They Were 50 Years Ago

The Schefflera Plant Incident

Madeline had a plant she always kept right outside the front door in a huge pot. She took such great care of it. She would have me bring it in during part of the year. She always monitored my coming and going with it to be sure I didn’t knock any leaves off of it. She was very particular about that Schefflera. It was about 4 feet tall, therefore it required a large pot which was really heavy. She said something to me one day that I didn’t take real kindly to and rushed out the front door. I know … Continue reading The Schefflera Plant Incident

Cec Got Caught In A Tight Place

Cec bought a 1960 Ford Falcon when they first came out. He drove the heck out of that little ol car. It eventually became Bonnie Gay’s car after he got the new worn off of it. These were the days when we lived in Jollyville area but would come to Smithwick every weekend to take care of the place and see too the animals. The Falcon developed a bumping sound up in the front end. He could see a shock absorber was loose. He got the bumper jack out, one of the tall stand type jacks that were just waiting … Continue reading Cec Got Caught In A Tight Place