One Thing That Shouldn’t Be Said During Church

I had a good friend that was a steady church goer. When they got to the prayers and concerns portion of the service this friend stood up ask for prayers for this fellow out in West Texas. The West Texas fellow was the father of this friend of mine’s grandson. A divorce had caused a lot of consternation between each side. Back to the church house that day: He said, if old (what’s his name) doesn’t watch himself, “I’m going to drive out to West Texas and shoot him”. Now taking that this was a very small church 4 or … Continue reading One Thing That Shouldn’t Be Said During Church

The Bet – The Naming Of A First Born

I got to the visitation at the funeral home for my friend LJ Henderson, Joy, LJ’s oldest daughter said “your mother’s name was Bonnie, right” ? To which I said yes. She told me the following story. LJ and Cecil were sitting in a beer joint just a couple of days before Joy Henderson was born in the early part of 1950. Both wives were heavy pregnant at the time. Cecil said, “that baby of yours is gonna be a little girl”. A little arguing went back and forth and a bet was formulated right then and there? If it … Continue reading The Bet – The Naming Of A First Born

This Had My Head Spinning

Woke up early this morning. Had a Facebook friend request from a fellow that I don’t actually know. I had heard the name before. We have 42 friends in common. So what’s the harm of agreeing to be his FB Friend. I was going through this fellows profile, much like I do just about every time I obtain a new friend. As I went down, carefully reading his various credentials I saw something that really looked suspect. We both had the same AIM identifier. For those that aren’t old Internet Dinosaurs, like myself, that stands for AOL-Instant-Messager. Lewisotr was my … Continue reading This Had My Head Spinning

The Cushman Scooter

I once had a Cushman Scooter like the one below, except it was painted gray. it had the little jump seat on the rear, just like this one. Most scooters like that just had a single seat. I can’t remember where it came from, but as I recall it didn’t run when I got it. But I tinkered with it and got it going. Smithwick probably wasn’t the best place to have a motor scooter like this. It didn’t have much ground clearance and would bottom out on a terrace in the field or drag on a rock laying in … Continue reading The Cushman Scooter

Going To Get Our Motorcycle License

Houy and I were just a little over a month difference in age, with him being born in July and me in August. That made important happenings in our early lives coincide. While I can’t remember whether we went together to get our drivers license. But we did go get our motorcycle endorsement together. He had a new 350 Honda that we took it took on. We were 14 years old. Tommy had been riding for awhile, so it was easy for him to ride along doing as the officer instructed while following behind. I will never understand how I … Continue reading Going To Get Our Motorcycle License

The Rio Motel and Club – Austin, Texas.

I knew about The Rio because in the mid 1970s several of us that were working on the I-35 expansion from Airport Blvd up to US 290. We used to go there and drink coffee and eat breakfast or lunch sometimes. I was surprised when I opened the Austin Statesman newspaper one day to find out that The Rio had become really famous in the history of Austin. There was a club there also, but I never remember going to it. But there were several notable Austin people found it to be a great meeting place. There was a well … Continue reading The Rio Motel and Club – Austin, Texas.

The Texas Prison Rodeo

The Texas Prison Rodeo At Huntsville was a favorite of many from 1931 until 1986 when it was discontinued. A good article by Jesse Sublett – April 2012 for Texas Monthly Magazine Prison Rodeo Gone, but Not Forgotten Another piece of Texas history was razed in mid-January when bulldozers unceremoniously demolished the prison rodeo arena in Huntsville, but the memory of the event rides on. With barely a peep from preservationists, another piece of Texas history was razed in mid-January as bulldozers unceremoniously demolished the prison rodeo arena in Huntsville. The brick-and-concrete building, which hadn’t held a prison rodeo since … Continue reading The Texas Prison Rodeo

Going To The Texas Prison Rodeo

I only have one clear memory of attending the Huntsville Prison Rodeo. It was in the early 60s. I was no more than 10 years old. Our family of four went down there. The rodeo was pretty entertaining. Many of the inmates rode like they didn’t care what happened to them. I guess you’d say they rode with reckless abandon. Candy Barr was the featured entertainment. She was serving a sentence in the Huntsville Women’s Prison at the time. I guess I wasn’t sure what a stripper was at that time. I think she sang rather than taking off her … Continue reading Going To The Texas Prison Rodeo

It Ain’t Easy Being Me

I’m Set In My Ways and here’s the whole story of what happened. It’s an unbelievable set of circumstances. For years I bought these certain kind of jeans. It’s about all I wear. They’re made by Wrangler. They are Angler Jeans, I guess mostly made for fishermen. But I liked them because they are made with some stretchy elastic in the waist that fits my nice rotund physique. A year or two back, probably another thing the pandemic did, Wrangler quit making them. I had a fairly good supply on hand, maybe a half dozen pair. Over time I ruined … Continue reading It Ain’t Easy Being Me

Pickup Bumper Advertising

Dealerships around the state ordered pickup trucks without rear bumpers. D & D Bumper Works in Seguin, Texas made very sturdy steel bumpers with the dealership name and location stamped in and highlighted with paint. That became a rolling advertisement for the dealership. I guess as long as the buyer would go along with it the dealership had rolling advertising running up and down every highway. There were perhaps other companies that offered this service, but D & D was the ones that seemed to be most widely used. Continue reading Pickup Bumper Advertising