A Lady Asked Why I Would Type Everything On An IPhone.

The preceding question was ask on a Facebook group that I belong to. I followed up with this response:

I have written more than 1600 stories, including a book all on my iPhone.

A well intentioned person ask this: Ronnie Lewis why wouldn’t you dictate?

(Name of the inquisitor) not sure. But I’m not complaining about doing it.

I guess mostly because I find it a good way to write, think and write some more. It doesn’t matter where I am I can go about my own business without it interfering with others. If I’m in a restaurant, sitting in a waiting room at the doctors office or riding along in a car everything I’d right there with me.

I have my research tools right at me at the ready.

I have laptops and an iPad but I’m thrown off by using them. I can’t really explain it, but behind this little bitty keyboard is where I find that I’m most comfy.

I have tried to use dictation programs before. My country Texan drawl just isn’t very understandable by the likes of Siri. We almost get in a cuss fight every time I ask her a question.

Oh, one other thing, I write like I talk mostly. Dictation programs will correct words like they are supposed to be instead of the way I say them. But anyway ma’am thanks for inquiring. It gave me the opportunity to practice my typing skills.

BTW: if anyone wants to see what kind of stories I write, go to The Angora Chronicles on FB, or AngoraChronicles.com, which is my blog based story telling forum in WordPress. That is where most of stories are generated, before they make their way over to FB. Of course if you feeling real frisky, trot over to Amazon or your favorite bookseller and spring for $9.95 plus tax and buy a copy of my book. It ain’t a real good seller nowadays. Everybody that knows me has bought a copy and I don’t try real hard to get promote them.

In fact I’ve bought more books and handed them out to people than I ever thought about selling.

See what I mean, I just start writing and the words just keep on coming, and I won’t even embarrass you by telling you what I’ve been doing at 2:30 AM whilst I’ve been writing this minor diatribe.

(The name of the person that asked about why I don’t use dictation) now it’s just passed 3:00 AM, I find myself sitting in the hot tub relaxing and jotting down thoughts. Sure couldn’t do that very easily on a laptop and I sure wouldn’t feel comfy sitting here talking out loud to a dictation program. What would the neighbors think? Even though I live out in the country where I don’t have neighbors, but I bet you get my drift. But perhaps you don’t.
Any how, hope you have a fine day.

A follow up:

(Me addressing my newly made friend) this exchange has even afforded me a good topic for this morning. And I thank you for that.

If you buy a book, pack it with you when you travel to Texas and I’ll buy y’all a cup of coffee and sign your book and at one sitting. Of course Texas is a pretty big place, and I wouldn’t expect you to look me up just for a cup of coffee and a signature. We’d love to have you join The Angora Chronicles group. It’s just a fun loving story telling place, where we don’t take life too seriously.

Now I can launch into my morning rant about FB: The last comment was deleted from that group. I guess it was seen as a vailed attempt to sell something or maybe my new friend and I were trying to arraign a “hookup”. Anyway I just messaged her that last part paragraph.

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