You Never Know Where A Conversation Will Take You

Through our gathering this past Saturday to assemble information about Pure Stone (now Huber) I brought up the name Doyle Wilkes, from Bertram. He died of a heart attack while on the job at Huber some 28 1/2 years ago.

When I asked Robben Thompson if she remembered him, she said he was the nicest man and the hardest worker around. When he collapsed that day, she was there and performed CPR until the First Responders arrived.

I told Robben that I barely knew Doyle. We met once. But from the marriage of his Baby Girl, Katherine and my #2 Son Michael, I now have 3 wonderful grandchildren that I’m very proud of.

Nathan, the oldest is now a newly married father to two sons. My newest great grandchildren, Jaxson & Jagger. He and his beautiful wife Jordan live in New Braunfels.

Jordan, Jagger, Nathan, Jaxson

I’ve told y’all a lot about Emma, who will graduate from Southwestern University in Georgetown in May. She is currently student teaching at Georgetown ISD. I expect her to move on to do great things with her life.

Emma & Flynn

Then there is Will (Catfish) Lewis, that is graduating from Faith Academy in May and then he heads off the A&M, where he will surely continue doing wonderful things.

Finley & Will

When I told each of the three grandchildren about their Grandfather, I don’t think they have actually heard nearly all the great things that was Doyle Wilkes. I know that I feel cheated by not getting to know him better. He went with Mike and me to Llano to buy Mike’s first show pigs when he was a junior in high school. Then in a blink of an eye he was no longer with us. At least I can always have that Saturday with him to remember him by.

With a pair of grandpa’s like they have, they had to turn out pretty good. 🤣🤣

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