The Best Resource There Is For Texas History

I know most of you love history, Texas History for sure. This is a list of some of the very best FB Groups on Texas History. One thing all these groups have in common are their Creators/Administrators. My FB friends, Bob Dunn and Will Beauchamp have done a wonderful job of bringing us just about anything you can think of when it comes to Texas History. Browse through the list below and find something you are interested in and take a look. Many of you belong to these fine groups but you may not realize how many others there are. … Continue reading The Best Resource There Is For Texas History

San Antonio’s Union Stockyards

I personally have great memories of this place. I was blown away to learn that actual auction rings with the auction calls we are now familiar with have only been around for around 60 years. Prior to that a cattle stockyard was a place that ranchers met up and sold their livestock to each other with the facility being there to weight the stock and help with the money transfer. I didn’t know the real history behind this place but I was able to find this article, which is the best writing I’ve found on the history of the SA … Continue reading San Antonio’s Union Stockyards