Evolution of a State by Noah Smithwick

I have always heard it said that this is one of the best, if not the best first hand account of the settling of Texas ever put into book form. I grew up with a 1st edition, 1900 copy of this book in our home. It had belonged to my grandfather, A.T. Lewis. I knew it was a book that had to remain in our family. I grew up in Smithwick Texas, with the old Smithwick Mill on the Colorado River being on part of our family property. That being the old homestead of Francis Porter Lewis and Florence Stinnett … Continue reading Evolution of a State by Noah Smithwick

Impersonating Kenny

For years Kenny and I sounded amazingly alike on the phone. We both have what I guess is a distinct Smithwick accent. I’m doubtful that Kenny ever took advantage of that. My wife admits to getting us confused a few times. Maybe they can tell us if any of those conversations ever went hay-wire.If they did, I never heard about it. On the other hand, I can’t tell you how much confusion I caused by letting different ones think they were talking to Kenny when I was the one they were actually talking to. Our Grannie Ruby was easy. All … Continue reading Impersonating Kenny

Our Very First Furniture Purchase

Shortly after Madeline and I married we went to WF & JF Barnes Lumber Company and purchased this little cedar chest. It has made most of our moves during the past 51 plus years. Then on our first anniversary I bought her a new Singer Sewing Machine in a nice wood cabinet. It was purchased at the Singer Store on the lower level at Highland Mall in Austin. That was a brand new mall at that time. (I read a few days ago that it’s been shut down completely now) On one move, up to Waxahachie in about 1991 after … Continue reading Our Very First Furniture Purchase

Our Hometown Hero, Felipe Gutierrez

For the past few days I kept seeing the following friend suggestion when I’d log on to Facebook. This morning seeing the fellow, Steve Connatser, with the familiar face of Roy Rogers standing along side of him, I wondered who this guy is. I had only one friend in common with Mr. Connatser. As soon as I looked him up on FB I realized he is really fairly famous, being involved in the Travel Magazine Business. I google him and then it all came clear. It was a story we had on Angora Chronicles a while back. It involved Round … Continue reading Our Hometown Hero, Felipe Gutierrez

A Thought Occurred To Me Today, Just As It Does Every Time I Leave Out of Llano And Head Up To Brady

I had graduated from high school shortly before, so this would have been an afternoon in the summer of 1970. I had landed the best gig I thought anyone possibly could. I was getting to drive a cattle truck for the Wenmohs Ranch. Joe Wenmohs only had one cattle truck at the time, a Ford Cabover that was turned up to where it would run with almost anything out on the highways. That tractor was hooked up to a 52’ triple deck Wilson aluminum trailer. That truck primarily ran from the Wenmohs Ranch out by Blue Lake, Llano County, to … Continue reading A Thought Occurred To Me Today, Just As It Does Every Time I Leave Out of Llano And Head Up To Brady

Dink’s Watch

As a young teenager my friend Dink had a watch that I thought was the neatest thing. It was a Bulova Accutron. Those were the popular watch in the 60s that used a tuning fork instead of spring to keep them in rhythm. Instead of a tick tick tick, they hummed. By the time I was grown and Dink and I were in business together, the watch quit working. He had tried several places to get it repaired and the cost was more than it was worth. I talked him out of it, but I don’t remember the financial arraignment. … Continue reading Dink’s Watch

Madeline’s Watch Came up Missing

Back in our earlier years of marriage I thought buying Madeline nice gifts was better than winning her over with my charm and kind words. So I bought her nice jewelry. I always went to the same fellow, Mr. Runnels at Benold’s Jewelers to make purchases. Sometime along the way, probably around 1980, I bought her a watch. It was a BAUME et MERCIER and a really nice watch. She wore it quite a bit. One day, in the mid 80s, she told me it was missing. She was all torn up about it. We had a housekeeper, Lilly, that … Continue reading Madeline’s Watch Came up Missing

Christmas Eve Is Our Time To Have The Big Family Gathering

It was a joyous time at the Lewis Place yesterday. Almost everyone was here. We ate a grand feast of Prime Rib and much much more. Afterward’s my good friend Sam said his goodbyes, as he had other commitments. Then we all gathered in the living room to open presents. Suddenly there was a commotion at the front door. In walked Santa. After greeting each of the kiddos he took his place in an arm chair to have a picture made with all the kids. At least all the little kids. A little later, 5 year old Sofia came over … Continue reading Christmas Eve Is Our Time To Have The Big Family Gathering

The Willy Willy Christmas Tree

If I started telling you about the Willy Willy Christmas Tree you’d have no idea what I was talking about. But to Madeline and me, we have known a special tree by that name for more than 45 years. That special tree is in Zilker Park Christmas Tree that just about every Austinite has probably stood under and twirled around. When our first born son, Matthew (born in 1974) was young, 2 or maybe 3, we had planned to go see “The Christmas Tree” one evening. There had been a big build up to seeing it, he had probably seen … Continue reading The Willy Willy Christmas Tree