On Writing

I have a hard time sitting down and reading like I used to. There was a time that I could read for hours. Now I fall asleep much too easily. I can sit or lay in bed and write for hours and never even think about going to sleep. I guess it’s the active / passive thing. May just be how my brain is wired or cross-wired in my case. Reading is much too passive for me. This may be why I watch very little sports. I just don’t understand sitting watching someone else doing something. I want to just … Continue reading On Writing

I ran across this old post about our very lengthy marriage.

When You Know You’ve Been Married Too Long (or maybe just the right amount of time) Madeline and I got away for the weekend. She has booked us a cabin on the Frio River. It’s wonderful, peaceful and very relaxing. Last night we ventured down the river a ways to the little town of Concan. We each had the special, a very ample serving of catfish and all the trimmings. We were stuffed, so when the girl ask if we cared to order dessert, we had read about Neal’s Dining Room cobblers, so we told her we’d each have one … Continue reading I ran across this old post about our very lengthy marriage.

Speaking Of Having No Filter

This story popped up as I was looking for something else. It was first published on here more than 7 years ago. I wondered how things have changed. I really guess they haven’t. One of my lovely DIL’s bought me this very nice and may I say perhaps appropriate cup, albeit the biggest cup I’ve ever seen.I’m not into the whole hashtag thing so I thought it best if I did a little research to be sure that there wasn’t some hidden meaning behind it. I did find the following article about people with “no filter”. I have to admit … Continue reading Speaking Of Having No Filter

Our Very First Furniture Purchase

Shortly after Madeline and I married we went to WF & JF Barnes Lumber Company and purchased this little cedar chest. It has made most of our moves during the past 51 plus years. Then on our first anniversary I bought her a new Singer Sewing Machine in a nice wood cabinet. It was purchased at the Singer Store on the lower level at Highland Mall in Austin. That was a brand new mall at that time. (I read a few days ago that it’s been shut down completely now) On one move, up to Waxahachie in about 1991 after … Continue reading Our Very First Furniture Purchase

Reflecting Back To An Incident Over Fifty Years Ago

I started thinking back to a time when I was just a know-it-all kid. I had just graduated from high school and The Dean Word Company had just opened up the quarry out north of Marble Falls. My friend Pat Henry was working there and suggested that maybe I could come out and get hired on running a loader. By that time had been operating loaders for at least 6 years, maybe stretch that to 7. When I got there I met with a Mr. Green I think his name was. He was the plant manager. I’m sure when he … Continue reading Reflecting Back To An Incident Over Fifty Years Ago

When someone is on your mind and you can’t get it to go away, there could be a reason for it.

She is one of my cousins, a girl cousin about the age of Kenny and about 3 years older than me. She was actually a first cousin to my Dad and our second cousin. (I don’t get off into all that once removed……..,blah, blah, blah) We grew up together, sharing a lot of time as young kids and on into our teenage years. I didn’t see much out of her after we were grown, but kept up with her through my Grannie Ruby Linebarger Waggoner, my Dad’s birth Mother. When Facebook came about, I connected with her and then visited … Continue reading When someone is on your mind and you can’t get it to go away, there could be a reason for it.

Oh, If not for the memories!

Yesterday it fell to me to have my granddaughter Sofia accompany me on my last minute rounds to town to finish up gathering stuff for our Thanksgiving Feast today. We talked about where we could have lunch. She choose Chuck E Cheese. I talked her down off of that and suggested GattiLand in Round Rock. Only because I knew where that was and couldn’t think of a close by Chuck E place. We arrived early, soon after they opened at 11:00. There was a lady standing near the front door with a small boy. I greeted her and went inside. … Continue reading Oh, If not for the memories!

George and the Misunderstanding

One day back in the late 1970s Cecil, our dad, called and asked if we could do a favor for George. George is Smithwick’s own George Despain. They both knew we did a lot business with Holt Caterpillar. “Would we put a set of dozer tracks on our account, so George could get the best deal possible”? George would give Cec a check for the bill. We readily agreed to it. Wasn’t any skin off of us. George got his tracks all was great. Kenny nor I gave it much thought, figuring that Cec gave the check to the other … Continue reading George and the Misunderstanding

You Haven’t Lived Until…….

On the road seeing the sights of the beautiful mountains of New Mexico and Colorado. Motorhome travel has its own special treats. Pull over and stop whenever you please (within limits). This morning I poured myself and my wife/driver nice paper bowls of a good Kellogg’s cereal, the kind that has a variety of flakes and dehydrated strawberries. Once the milk hit the bowl the strawberries came to life. We each finished our last bite at the same time. I actually scraped the bottom of the bowl to get the very last of that yummy goodness. That last spoonful tasted … Continue reading You Haven’t Lived Until…….

Just Because I Claim To Be Perfect, Doesn’t Mean I Am

A few days ago, while making a Meals on Wheels run, I made my last stop by this one lady’s place. I make hers last so I feel free to stay and talk longer. We’ve been taking this lady meals for quite a while. My wife exchanges books with her, as they seem to enjoy the same type of reading. Being alone last week on the run, Madeline was off on a rafting trip in Colorado and Utah, the lady mentioned she had read everything on the place and that she was going to re-read something. This was my intro … Continue reading Just Because I Claim To Be Perfect, Doesn’t Mean I Am