Prickly Pear Jelly

Whomever thought I couldn’t be domesticated, may have another thought coming. I turned a big heaping bowl of prickly pear tunas into 12 beautiful jars of tasty jelly. On top of that, I even cleaned up after myself. One caveat to all that. Just because you have on a pair of thick dishwashing rubber gloves doesn’t mean you can’t still get stickers in your fingers. Please forgive me. It’s not exactly like I did it all by myself. I did consult with Madeline to be sure I was headed in the right direction. Just so I’m perfectly clear. My wife … Continue reading Prickly Pear Jelly

It Set There All Day

When Kenny had a ranch in Mexico and was going back and forth a lot, so he bought a helicopter. He also used it to look at projects around the state. It was pretty handy. I had a lease agreement with him, so when I’d need to get around to take care of business it was at my disposal. To make sure I was as cool as my brother I built a helipad at my house. The pilot would fly in, grab me and we could leave Bertram and be in Arlington, Tx in an hour and twenty minutes. One … Continue reading It Set There All Day

Let Me Tell You About John And About Friendship

John and I had many parallels in our lives. We both arrived in Marble Falls the same year, in the 8th grade. We both graduated five years later, in May of 1970, as did each of our future wives. All four of us were merely 19 years old when we married; both couples have been married every since. John went to college and I went straight on to work after high school. Very soon we each were in business. Therefore, neither of us really worked for anyone after just a short time, spending our whole lives in business for ourselves. … Continue reading Let Me Tell You About John And About Friendship

I live in a perpetural world of confusion

As we were sitting on the front porch this afternoon, with son Mike and Gail, the subject of the importance of electricity came up. I just made the comment “if we think people were upset not being able to buy toliet paper just wait until all the electric power goes off !” Mike says hey y’all should watch this TV Show that he and Gail are just starting to rewatch – The Last Man on Earth. Since we are looking for something entertaining I said we would try it out. Not wanting to commit to something misrable, I decided to … Continue reading I live in a perpetural world of confusion