My Wildest Trucking Story

I was driving a truck for Nelson Lewis hauling equipment around the state, in the later part of 1970. I was 18 years old. I had worked on a job-site in Burnet all day, but needed to be in Port Lavaca the following morning. There was an Inley Excavator (or a Trackhoe as we called them) there that needed to go up to Lake Jackson, further up the coast toward Galveston. Having a chance to have my old buddy Tommy Houy go along, I decided to wait around until he got off work at the Exxon Station at 11:00 PM. … Continue reading My Wildest Trucking Story

Glenn And The Little Boy Eatin Bananas, and More.

I am still wanting to collect stories about Glenn Lewis, for a future book.I know it seems like I ran out of gas on the project, but I’ve been pretty busy trying to keep the wolves off my door step. But I’m slowly inching forward on that project, so if you think of anything be sure to jot it down and send to me or pickup the phone and tell it to me. I love to talk and hardly ever run on to anyone to talk to. But I was on the phone with an unnamed character the other day … Continue reading Glenn And The Little Boy Eatin Bananas, and More.

It’s All About Timing

A fellow I know used to enjoy having a few beers in the afternoon as he’d make his round feeding cattle and such. It was pretty late in the evening, or perhaps I should say night, it occurred to him that he didn’t want to start the next day with a dirty pickup. So he pulled into an automatic carwash, the kind that has an arm that starts at the front on the passenger side and slowly makes its way down that side, circles around the back and heads back to the front spraying soap and water the whole way. … Continue reading It’s All About Timing

We Did Things Much Differently Back Then

This was written back in September 2014. Within a month or so in the beginning of The Angora Chronicles. I grew up around construction equipment and trucks. In the 60s when I was in high school Cecil Lewis ran a fleet of dump trucks. Among other things we had the contract to haul the blasted rock from the Pure Stone Quarry out south of Marble Falls back to the crusher in town. Even as young and as small as I was at 14 or 15, I commonly and single-handey pulled transmissions and replaced clutches in those old dump trucks and … Continue reading We Did Things Much Differently Back Then

Taking The Bait or Not

This was written around 5 years ago. I stumbled across it earlier so I thought I’d repeat it now, as we are approaching our 50th year of marriage which is next month. When You Know You’ve Been Married Too Long (or maybe just the right amount of time) Madeline and I got away for the weekend. She has booked us a cabin on the Frio River. It’s wonderful, peaceful and very relaxing. Last night we ventured down the river a ways to the little town of Concan. We each had the special, a very ample serving of catfish and all … Continue reading Taking The Bait or Not

On A Quest To Buy A Truck

On the day after Thanksgiving in 1977 Kenny and I went to Cross Plains, Texas to look at a potential truck purchase to haul our equipment with. We started out from Smithwick. We were both there with our families where we were spending the holidays with our mom and dad. Being a 3 hour trip up to northwest we left early in the morning and arrived in Cross Plains by 8:00 AM. We had seen an ad for this used truck dealer in a magazine. When we got there, they had a sea of trucks on the lot. We test … Continue reading On A Quest To Buy A Truck

The 58 Ford Pickup Takes A Roll Or Two

It’s funny the ideas that young boys can have! Living about 9 miles out of Marble Falls meant a drive home every night on a very crooked stretch of paved country road. It’s common knowledge that deer feed at night by the moon. So on a moonlit night there were more deer along the roadway. We were convinced that on nights when the moon was really bright that driving home without headlights provided an overall better chance of not hitting a deer. With headlights off you could see the silhouette of the deer along beside and in the road. The … Continue reading The 58 Ford Pickup Takes A Roll Or Two

Hanging Upside Down

I have had problems with ruptured discs in my neck for much of my adult life. In fact about the only serious surgeries I’ve ever had, have been on my neck. Three of them, starting in 1985, again on 2005 with I hope the last one in 2010. Now most of the vertebra in my neck region are fused together do using plates and screws and even one is wired together with what looks like bailing wire twisted together. That one freaked me out the first time I saw an X-ray of it. The doctor assured me it was good … Continue reading Hanging Upside Down

@@@My Own Take On Funerals

I don’t want this to sound morbid, but I have attended so many funerals that I’ve almost developed a classifying system for them. There are the personal ones, that you have to attend. Those are family and very close friends. They are mostly sad affairs. Seldom are we ready to lose those people. While they are sad, there can be moments of joy mixed in. There are the ones that are children and there is never a way to put a happy face on that. Those are always sad, heart wrenching affairs. They haven’t got to experience nearly enough of … Continue reading @@@My Own Take On Funerals

Help Me, I Think I’m Having A Heart Attack

It’s beyond annoying, the number of calls I’ve gotten recently. I had a call blocker on my phone that weeded out all unknown numbers. But for the past few days I turned that feature off. I’ve been trying to schedule appointments with my spine surgeon, MRI, and pain management doctors and didn’t want to miss any calls. I think on average my phone rings 2 dozen times a day and on the other end will be someone lacking a complete ability to speak English. My name is evidently very difficult for these people to pronounce. Once I hear them I … Continue reading Help Me, I Think I’m Having A Heart Attack