Rocker Steiner & A Little Something About The Steiner Family

This kid (make that Young Man) , Rocker caught a lot of flack earlier in the week at the National Finals when he said some stuff that was a bit too colorful for some snowflakes in the media.

I have to admit that I hadn’t followed the new burgeoning career of Rocker Steiner. I did a little looking and found his 95 point ride on the famous horse Virgil back earlier in 2022.

Then there is this YouTube Video of the living 3 generations of Rodeo Seiner’s. Watching this gave me a whole different opinion of Rocker. I love this kid.

An earlier story I did about the family patriarch, Buck Steiner and his Capitol Saddlery.

This is a story I put together about the history of the rodeoing Steiner Family.

Saddle Maker Mark – Buck Steiner Saddles

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