Buck Steiner and Capitol Saddlery

Some of my first cowboy boots were bought at Capitol Saddlery in the late 50s.

The sign still remains, even though the business has long since relocated. I think I was told that the location on Lavaca, between 15th and 16th, has now been converted into loft apartments or some retail space. It was a one of a kind business from an earlier time. As was the proprietor, Buck Steiner a man of a different time.

I had the pleasure meeting and befriending Mr. Steiner in the 80s, when we did a project, a wastewater line, that ran through a piece of property he owned out behind the current Austin Airport.

In a story I’ll attach below in the comments tells about a saddle that my friend Tommy’s dad bought him a Buck Steiner Saddle when he was just a kid in the early 60s. He had the saddle reconditioned a while back and I thought it fitting to build him a personalized saddle rack that even incorporated the old sign.


Mr. Buck Steiner

The following story is about a friend of mine for over 55 years that has owned a Steiner Saddle for about that long.

My Friend Tommy owned a Steiner Saddle


This is another story that involves a Buck Steiner Saddle


Buck Steiner Saddle Makers Mark – below

10 thoughts on “Buck Steiner and Capitol Saddlery

  1. When I played Texas Ranger Captain  Steadlin in the movie ‘’ Cadillac Ranch ‘’, My .45ACP holster set was made by the Steiner shop! Beautifully tooled belt and holster! I bought a lot of tack there starting when I was about 12 years old! I miss that place!


      1. I have written nearly 1000 stories. Haven’t been on WoodPress very long. Most of them are on a Facebook group I have that is dedicated to story telling.


  2. Hey there! I know this isn’t a story about Buck but I was more or less wondering if maybe you could help me find out if his saddles have a leaf on them anywhere. My stepdad has an old vintage saddle he just restored and we can’t find any information on it. It has a leaf on the cantel but other than that we can’t find anything else.

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