Pecan Pralines (the sugary kind, not the gooey ones)

I used to go to church with an elderly lady, that shall remain nameless. She “played” a huge role in the church, our organist/pianist for over 50 years, and was a very long term member. She became widowed along the way.

With losing her husband, the level of cantankerousness got worse and worse. For whatever reason when she would get mad and quit the church, I would be able to go spend a little time with her and get her to come back. She saw me as a more independent arbiter than the pastor or others at the church.

The down side to making those visits was the cats. Cats everywhere. They didn’t always have a way to get outside to take care of their “necessary” things.

Somewhere early on in getting to know her, I had commented on how much I liked the pralines she would always make at Christmas time.

As a kind gesture for being willing to come and visit her, she started making me my own huge tin of pralines. I noticed one day that candies were much more durable and didn’t fall apart as in years past.

Careful examination showed there to be ample amounts of cat hair reinforcing in those candies. Needless to say I stopped eating them and didn’t even try re-gifting them.

As I returned for subsequent visits it was easy to tell why so much hair was appearing in the pralines. There wasn’t a fur free square inch in that whole house. I guess with her failing eyesight, she just didn’t realize where things had gotten. For that matter her sense of smell must have failed also.

Year after year that tin of pralines would always show up with my name on them. I finally had to tell a little white lie about the doctor had taken me completely off of sugar.

Anyway, it didn’t matter because she finally threw a fit one day that nothing was going to cause her to return to church. I didn’t even try. Those tantrums were coming a way too often and seemed like we were to a point of no return.

Even now, all these years later, when I get one of those sugary pralines at my favorite Mexican Food Place, I always break them open and have a good look before I bite into it.

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