I Just Had A Winfield Scott Memory Pop Up In My Head

Not long before Winfield’s death, I was in Houston and met him for lunch near his downtown office. He had not yet been disbarred for getting busted with drugs. He was making plans to come to Austin and open a practice. The rules about Attorney’s had changed allowing television advertising.

Houston was saturated with those commercials but it hadn’t so much made it’s way to Austin. He was sure that him investing in a great advertising campaign would put him on the map post haste. He certainly had the line of BS to go a long way. Maybe had things turned out a little different, Winfield Scott, Attorney at Law would be splash across the TV Screens in place of Ted Lorentz or Thomas J. Henry.

I would have been amused seeing him on TV Commercial, just remembering all of his shenanigans. He was one wild and crazy son of a gun. Y’all let me know when we need to have a Winfield Scott – Redux Day.

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