My Big Surprise (from Nov. 2014)

I had a very pleasant surprise this evening. I got a text from a very dedicated employee, Chris Chapman and his wife Jeni. Jeni is the daughter of Madeline’s brother David. Chris has worked for the company almost his entire adult life, just short of 20 years.

They had left a box by our back door here in Bertram. When I went out and retrieved and opened it, there were 5 copies of The Angora Chronicles, volume one. It has 67 stories, mostly some of the first stories I submitted.

It is so professionally done. When Chris heard about my stories (he isn’t a FaceBooker) he contacted his mother, Wanda Winters-Gutierrez, who has several of her own books published. She became a member of our group and started working to put this book together.

There will be a link that I’ll post soon on how to order it, if anyone wants one. We are establishing a price of $9.95 each for these little gems. After my wonderful visit to the Falls on the Colorado Museum today,
I am designating all the proceeds for now to the museum. Therefore more than 1/2 of the $9.95 will go helping make the museum even better.

I am truly overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of Chris and Jeni along with the hard work of Wanda. My most heartfelt thanks to you each.

Now at this writing (October 2021) it is still available on Amazon or your favorite book seller.

I can’t tell you how many have been sold worldwide, but I’m fairly sure I’ve bought most of them and handed them out to anyone I run across. I have a clever motto that I don’t mind wearing out. “If I give you one of these books, it’s the only way I can offer you a money back guarantee”. So far no one has asked to return a book.

There is a possibility that one day I’ll do another book or two. Just not yet. There are plenty of stories that I’ve written, somewhere north of 1500 hundred, I think. But I’ve been quoting that number for a while now, so I might need to move that up to 1600 or 1700.

If you are too cheap to buy the book or you don’t want to wait to run across me, you can go the and start reading all the ones I’ve written in the last couple of years plus all of the older ones I’ve pulled from Facebook and dressed them up a bit. That is my way if insuring that if Mark Zuckerberg and Company decide to ban every sane person left in the United States, I’ll still have my stories. I’m feverishly moving them over here but that’s a massive undertaking in itself. I’ll ramble no more on the subject, because I’d like to go to sleep in a bit.

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