One My Favorite Christmas Memories

My Christmas Story – 12/25/10 My youngest Grandson Will is a very funny kid. I’m not sure he means to be funny but he is. While we were opening Christmas presents I could see he wasn’t pleased. When I asked his Mother what was wrong, she told me that he didn’t like it that everyone was getting new iPads. The whole iPad thing started with Will several months ago. When his Dad upgraded his iPhone earlier this year, Will received the old one. It didn’t actually have phone service, but he could play games and listen to music. He was … Continue reading One My Favorite Christmas Memories

Christmas Eve Is Our Time To Have The Big Family Gathering

It was a joyous time at the Lewis Place yesterday. Almost everyone was here. We ate a grand feast of Prime Rib and much much more. Afterward’s my good friend Sam said his goodbyes, as he had other commitments. Then we all gathered in the living room to open presents. Suddenly there was a commotion at the front door. In walked Santa. After greeting each of the kiddos he took his place in an arm chair to have a picture made with all the kids. At least all the little kids. A little later, 5 year old Sofia came over … Continue reading Christmas Eve Is Our Time To Have The Big Family Gathering


Back in the 70s we lived in Houston for awhile. I would listen to a popular radio station of the day during the afternoon drive time. Many people did. I don’t remember the call letters, but it could have been KILT, The two guys were Hudson and Harrigan. It was about this time of year. One said “Well it’s about time to think about winterizing your pipes with the cold weather coming”. Other one said “How do you go about that”? “Here’s what I do. I save up my newspapers and when it comes about this time of year I’ll … Continue reading Winterizing

Sheep And Goat Feed Can Take On Another Look When It Gets Wet.

I was filling up with gas one over at the Swift Mart. I had been feeding my Barbados the evening before, then it rained. An old friend, Damon Thurman came sauntering over and we were both leaning on the bed rail of my truck just guy talking. He noticed that a few feed pellets that had spilled out and became rain soaked. Even I could have mistaken them for something else, but I never hauled a dog with me, because I didn’t have one. He said “You nasty ba$&@#d why don’t you ever wash out the bed of your truck? … Continue reading Sheep And Goat Feed Can Take On Another Look When It Gets Wet.

My Relationship With The Cat Lady

To completely understand my relationship with this lady, you first need to read this story: One day I got a call from this lady. She wanted me to keep a lookout for a certain car. Her husband, Wayne’s little pickup had been hauled away, a total loss, after the big wreck that killed him. (I don’t think he died immediately, but soon thereafter from the injuries) Her old car hadn’t been very dependable and now without the little Ford Ranger pickup for a backup, she was going to need to replace it. I had gone by a couple of … Continue reading My Relationship With The Cat Lady

You Haven’t Lived Until…….

On the road seeing the sights of the beautiful mountains of New Mexico and Colorado. Motorhome travel has its own special treats. Pull over and stop whenever you please (within limits). This morning I poured myself and my wife/driver nice paper bowls of a good Kellogg’s cereal, the kind that has a variety of flakes and dehydrated strawberries. Once the milk hit the bowl the strawberries came to life. We each finished our last bite at the same time. I actually scraped the bottom of the bowl to get the very last of that yummy goodness. That last spoonful tasted … Continue reading You Haven’t Lived Until…….

Just Because I Claim To Be Perfect, Doesn’t Mean I Am

A few days ago, while making a Meals on Wheels run, I made my last stop by this one lady’s place. I make hers last so I feel free to stay and talk longer. We’ve been taking this lady meals for quite a while. My wife exchanges books with her, as they seem to enjoy the same type of reading. Being alone last week on the run, Madeline was off on a rafting trip in Colorado and Utah, the lady mentioned she had read everything on the place and that she was going to re-read something. This was my intro … Continue reading Just Because I Claim To Be Perfect, Doesn’t Mean I Am

Just Passing Time

For some reason the new scam is someone will text and pretend they think you are someone else. This happened earlier tonight. I can’t just ignore these attempts at being scammed. So I start talking like I’m really who they think I am. Oh well, this is a screen shot of the lengthy text exchange. I guess I finally wore them out. They finally decided to move on along. Hey guys, try that phone number, you may find a hot date on the other end Continue reading Just Passing Time