The Strange Encounter With Heiko

 When we first bought our home in Corpus Christi back in 2012 we did a minor makeover job to it. This mostly was done before we moved in. We hired a contractor to do the remodeling and painting. We also found a pool contractor to build what I called the largest hot tub or smallest swimming pool in Corpus.  I couldn’t find a good and affordable landscape company so I was glad when Madeline handed me a business card that a fellow had stopped by and given her. Madeline had been out in the front yard, when this very large … Continue reading The Strange Encounter With Heiko

More On Blasting Rock In Marble Falls

We encountered many people through the years with crazy notions about their house being destroyed by blasting. Some truly believe their house would fall down around them and others believe money will start falling from the sky. We had a situation many years ago when installing waterlines for a new development out on Mormon Mills Road in Marble Falls. There was a local banker, we had never done business with, but our Dad had a long relationship with him. He lived up that direction. I always considered the guy a shyster, but what did I know. Kenny and I encountered … Continue reading More On Blasting Rock In Marble Falls

Kenny Lewis; Driving In Mexico

Back a few years ago Kenny had a ranch in Mexico. It was just a little ways out of Ciudad Acuna, the Mexico counterpart to Del Rio, Texas. There was a large group of guys there one weekend to hunt. A couple of high powered attorney’s, a banker and a few other business men. A very diverse group at that, in age and demeanor. Kenny had a full staff that worked the kitchen and lodge, but he decided that a trip into town on Saturday night would liven things up, as if it needed to be livened up. So he … Continue reading Kenny Lewis; Driving In Mexico

On A Quest To Buy A Truck

On the day after Thanksgiving in 1977 Kenny and I went to Cross Plains, Texas to look at a potential truck purchase to haul our equipment with. We started out from Smithwick. We were both there with our families where we were spending the holidays with our mom and dad. Being a 3 hour trip up to northwest we left early in the morning and arrived in Cross Plains by 8:00 AM. We had seen an ad for this used truck dealer in a magazine. When we got there, they had a sea of trucks on the lot. We test … Continue reading On A Quest To Buy A Truck

Madeline’s Watch Came up Missing

Back in our earlier years of marriage I thought buying Madeline nice gifts was better than winning her over with my charm and kind words. So I bought her nice jewelry. I always went to the same fellow, Mr. Runnels at Benold’s Jewelers to make purchases. Sometime along the way, probably around 1980, I bought her a watch. It was a BAUME et MERCIER and a really nice watch. She wore it quite a bit. One day, in the mid 80’s, she told me it was missing. She was all torn up about it. We had a housekeeper, Lilly, that … Continue reading Madeline’s Watch Came up Missing

A Cat On His Shoulder !

Once a fellow called me to come to his office and talk about a big project he was getting ready to build. I’m not sure how he came across our name. When I got there his secretary took me into a conference room. In a few minutes the dude came in carry a big fluffy furry cat and set it down on the table. Then the cat jumped from the table to his shoulder. We conducted the whole meeting with me looking across the table at a guy with a big furry cat on his shoulder. We didn’t make a … Continue reading A Cat On His Shoulder !

The Boy They Called Possum

I’m not exactly sure how the name came about, but it probably had something to do with a nose longer than normal and eyes set a little too close together. George Jones, the famous country singer got tagged with the same nickname. If you look at a picture of him, there could be a small similarity to the nocturnal marsupial. I guess you could say the same for the short skinny kid that started to school in Marble Falls at the beginning of his 8th grade year. For whatever reason I never took offense to being called that, almost immediately … Continue reading The Boy They Called Possum

Just Because I Claim To Be Perfect, Doesn’t Mean I Am

A few days ago, while making a Meals on Wheels run, I made my last stop by this one lady’s place. I make hers last so I feel free to stay and talk longer. We’ve been taking this lady meals for quite a while. My wife exchanges books with her, as they seem to enjoy the same type of reading. Being alone last week on the run, Madeline was off on a rafting trip in Colorado and Utah, the lady mentioned she had read everything on the place and that she was going to re-read something. This was my intro … Continue reading Just Because I Claim To Be Perfect, Doesn’t Mean I Am

Going To Vernal, Utah

I took my wife to the airport this morning (Friday actually) where she caught a flight out to Denver. By tomorrow she and three others in her party will be in Vernal, Utah. A several day rafting trip down the Green River is in her future. As we drove to the airport I ask her if she remembered that we almost moved to Vernal Utah some fifty years ago. She very much acted as if she had no idea what I was saying. I went on to explain that a few months after we married, in the middle of 1972, … Continue reading Going To Vernal, Utah

Back When Our Dad Would Light Into Both Of Us, Just To Be Sure All Bases Were Covered

Back in our early school years down at Jollyville, we rode the bus back and forth to school. A family, The Koepecke’s, had moved in not too far out of Jollyville. It was a place that is now part of the Balcones Country Club. This family were poor, you could tell. Kind of looked like they came in there straight out of the Grapes of Wrath movie. We got home from getting off the bus one afternoon and headed straight for the horse pen. About then the Koepecke’s old rattle trap station wagon came up the driveway. Kenny and I … Continue reading Back When Our Dad Would Light Into Both Of Us, Just To Be Sure All Bases Were Covered