One Thing That Shouldn’t Be Said During Church

I had a good friend that was a steady church goer. When they got to the prayers and concerns portion of the service this friend stood up ask for prayers for this fellow out in West Texas.

The West Texas fellow was the father of this friend of mine’s grandson. A divorce had caused a lot of consternation between each side.

Back to the church house that day: He said, if old (what’s his name) doesn’t watch himself, “I’m going to drive out to West Texas and shoot him”.

Now taking that this was a very small church 4 or so hours from the West Texas home of his grandson’s daddy, what was the chance that anyone would be sitting in the pews that was friends with the guy out West.

Church let out and a phone call was made and this friend of mine got a visit from a Sheriff’s Deputy or two, shortly thereafter.

I think it was all ironed out after explaining to the Judge that he was just letting off some steam from the frustration he was feeling that morning.

My friend actually told me this story, so I tend to believe it happened just like he told it. If it wasn’t true, I don’t think he would have been telling it.

I didn’t include names, but if you are curious, catch me up at the Junction one morning or over at the Blue Bonnet and I’ll tell you is you’ll buy my breakfast. If you are a real cheapskate, just buy me coffee and I’ll buy breakfast.

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