The Bet – The Naming Of A First Born

I got to the visitation at the funeral home for my friend LJ Henderson, Joy, LJ’s oldest daughter said “your mother’s name was Bonnie, right” ? To which I said yes. She told me the following story.

LJ and Cecil were sitting in a beer joint just a couple of days before Joy Henderson was born in the early part of 1950. Both wives were heavy pregnant at the time.

Cecil said, “that baby of yours is gonna be a little girl”. A little arguing went back and forth and a bet was formulated right then and there? If it was a girl, they had to name it after his wife Bonnie, but if it was a boy, Cecil had to buy LJ a case of beer.

Bonnie Joyce Henderson was born into this world a few days later. My brother Kenny was born 8 days later.

I had never heard that story, but I’m glad to know it now. I was able to work this story into a small part the family allow me to say at LJ’s funeral.

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