Going To Get Our Motorcycle License

Houy and I were just a little over a month difference in age, with him being born in July and me in August.

That made important happenings in our early lives coincide. While I can’t remember whether we went together to get our drivers license. But we did go get our motorcycle endorsement together. He had a new 350 Honda that we took it took on. We were 14 years old.

Tommy had been riding for awhile, so it was easy for him to ride along doing as the officer instructed while following behind.

I will never understand how I passed the test. I had never ridden anything but a Cushman Scooter. I think Tommy gave me a quick once over on the way up to Burnet that morning. But I passed and we headed to Marble Falls, with both of us licensed to operate a motorcycle. Wonder what we would have told the officer if he had asked who brought the motorcycle up for us to use?

It wasn’t too many months afterwards when he had a serious wreck right in the middle of town. A lady pulled out in front of him right by the Ranch House BBQ. He ran into her broadside. His injuries knocked him out of a few months of school that year. That caused him to graduate a year later, in 1971.

Then as soon as we turned 16, we headed off to Burnet to get our CDL’s. There has been a lot of talk between us as to what we drove to test for that. Whatever it was, we both passed and became legal to drive any truck we desired.

WAll great memories.

One thought on “Going To Get Our Motorcycle License

  1. I felt overly optimistic regarding my ability to operate motor vehicles when I was 16. When my own kids became “of age” to get licenses, I was pleased to be living in Taiwan, where they “weren’t yet old enough.” (Neither of them got licensed until they were in college or later. My daughter’s boyfriend taught her to drive and shepherded her through the licensing thing. My son was also in his 20s, but had done Driver’s Ed during a short sojourn in the US when he was 15, though we left before he could get a license.)

    What amazes me is the size of machine the US Army Engineers allowed me to begin to pilot around Vietnam, and subsequently Alabama, when I was barely past my 18th birthday.

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