Oh, If not for the memories!

Yesterday it fell to me to have my granddaughter Sofia accompany me on my last minute rounds to town to finish up gathering stuff for our Thanksgiving Feast today.

We talked about where we could have lunch. She choose Chuck E Cheese. I talked her down off of that and suggested GattiLand in Round Rock. Only because I knew where that was and couldn’t think of a close by Chuck E place.

We arrived early, soon after they opened at 11:00. There was a lady standing near the front door with a small boy. I greeted her and went inside. While waiting for a cashier to arrive I looked around to see a rather tall gentleman with another small boy join the lady and they came inside. Low and behold it was the Roe’s, Trisha and Grady. They too had grandchild duties yesterday and thought GattiLand would be a great place to go.

Grady had been our Pastor in Dripping Springs back in the 80s, when we each had children approximately the age of these grandchildren we are now watching over.

We were able to find seating next to each other and while the kiddos watched a movie and ate, we were able to do a lot of catching up. It was so enjoyable to have that time to sit and relive those times so many years ago.

Grady had baptized me and all five of my sons back in late 1985 in the Old Church Building at the corner of 290 and RR 12. Soon thereafter the old building was sold, we met in the new high school for a year or so as our new church building was built. We were able to talk about that building project and all that happened during that time and all that has happened there since.

I feel so blessed that I have known the Trisha’s and Grady’s in my life and there have been so many.

Meeting up with the Roe’s was a real Thanksgiving Treat, a day early.

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