Being A Super Snooper At Heart

I have a friend that I have gotten to know over the past few years. We met in the strangest of ways. This fellow had been a friend and one time roommate in Houston of Winfield Scott’s.

He had met Winfield and Millard through a girl he dated for for several years. She was their cousin that lived in Austin.

RG had lost touch with the Scott’s and his old girlfriend. As he googled the name Winfield Scott some of the stories I have written popped up. That’s when he found out that Winfield died several years ago.

RG is not on Facebook, but contacted me through my blog site on WordPress,

We started communicating with each other, as we align pretty well on our political views and he sends out snappy little political emails to a select group of friends. I became included in that group some time ago.

A few days ago RG ask me if Winfield ever introduced me to Linda, the girlfriend from 50 years ago. I told him that I didn’t recall him ever mentioning her. But I asked for some details and perhaps through some of my old sleuthing techniques, maybe I could find her.

He fed me some info and I went to work connecting dots. I found Linda in Deep East Texas. She had married a fellow, 15 years her senior. He died in 2006 at the age of 74.

However Linda passed away 3 years later at age 62. This probably wasn’t the way RG wanted this to turnout, but it is what it is. I forwarded him my findings. I have yet to hear back from Robert.

This started me thinking about another time that a friend ask me to do something similar.

I worked on this case for what seemed like years, but it could have been just months. I had been provided very little information other than the approximate age and her maiden name. This girl had showed up in Marble Falls in the 60s and lived with her sister and brother in law.

I finally ran down her sister, whom had since divorced the person she was married to while in Marble. It took a lot of digging through marriage and divorce records to run her down. She was living just one town away from me, in Liberty Hill.

I found out that the sisters had each gone their separate ways due to drug usage, which led to homelessness. Maybe that would have been a good place to stop but I had worked on this case so long that it became more a game than the actual finding her.

I talked it over with my friend to be sure that with all the troubles she’d had, did he really want me to find her. Yes, he just wanted to know what she looked like some four and a half decades later.

The search continued. She had amassed a lengthy rap sheet. There she was, mug-shots and all. I almost hated to show them to my buddy. It was a real horror show. But he still wanted me to get a phone number, which I eventually did. I talked to her first, to be sure I had the right person. Yes, she had spent time in MF in the 60s. I turned the number over and stood back and waited to see what could possibly happen.

Over the next couple of years the two of them talked. I think he sent her money a few times. He was that kind of a guy. It seemed she was getting her life back together. She had a deadbeat husband and several kids.

While she was down east of Houston, she and her family would come up and hang out at Lake Buchanan. My friend would even deliver a deck boat he had acquired up to them to use during their stays a couple of times. I’m sure he had it full of gas each time, that was just the kind of guy he was.

He was never sure what happened to the woman. She quit calling and he didn’t dare call her. It was never going to be anything but trouble.

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