I Was Always The Tag Along Little Brother

Kenny and his friends always had something going on, which would have them loaded up going some place or the other. This incident I’m fixin to tell you about was most likely after football practice.

A full carload were jammed in, with me being in the back seat, on the passengers side next to the door. I was probably a Freshman in high school with most of them being a couple of years older. I always ended up being picked on constantly, which could have been caused by my own habit of picking on all of them.

We had been out Mormon Mill Road, for who knows what and were coming back into town. It was in the middle of the day. All the big boys started threatening to pull my pants off and make me run naked through the middle of Marble Falls.

I didn’t see how that was something I was willing to do. But with a half dozen big football playing bully’s against me, I figured that was going to happen unless I figured a way out of it. Talk wasn’t going do any good, so I opened the door and bailed out. I can’t tell you exactly how fast that car was going, but seeing as to how Kenny Lewis was behind the wheel, it wasn’t going at a crawl.

I will never know how I kept upright, but I’m certain my legs were moving much faster than they ever had before. Some of the boys later said it looked like the roadrunner cartoon where you can’t even see his legs, as it is just a blur.

I finally was able to slow down and stop. And they backed up to try to coax me back in the car. No one was laughing. I think they realized that I was not going to run through town with no clothes on, regardless of what it took.

The running joke after that was “don’t threaten him with pulling off his pants and make him run through town”.

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