There is a Fine Line Between Knowing a Lot and Being a Know-It-All

I often have people people asked me how I know so much. Well……actually I think what they mean is why are you such a know-it-all. Let me try to explain a little about that.

When I was a small boy, I was the one hanging around under the feet of the adults listening to everything they dare say within earshot of me. Yes, I was that annoying kid. I’d be asking another question before they had time to answer the one before. As I got older, and as a teenager I was allowed to go my own way without much supervision. That lead me and my friend Tommy to be able to roam the town, Marble Falls, at all hours of the day and night. He had about the same under supervised upbringing. So we were able to see all sorts of comings and goings.

As adulthood began, I was pretty well out and around Austin and across the state with work. Being self employed just about my whole life, for a half century anyway, I have been free mostly to stop and talk to people wherever I went. Not being especially bashful I’ve made it a habit to talk to just about anybody anywhere I’ve gone. I never considered myself a glad-hander, but on second thought maybe I have been. It has afforded me the opportunity to meet people and see things that many others at a regular job would never have the chance to see or do.

On top of all that, I’ve always had a very curious mind. The coming of the Internet fed into that in ways we never would have dreamed 25 years ago.

Having what would later on be commonly known as having ADD, later changed to ADHD, caused me to jump on the trail of something and staying with it until I found out what I wanted to know. I wasn’t encumbered by medications for ADD as a child, because it wasn’t diagnosed back in those days, or at least that news never reached Smithwick. While medication can be a miracle for that condition in some cases, if not used correctly can stifle creativity and………well there are books written on this subject, so I’ll just stop with that.

What ADD did for me was caused me to know I needed to do things differently from most other people. So making lists and planning my days out on paper made me more productive. The important items for the day would get marked off and then on to the next. With a good list I could burn through my tasks for the day, before many people were even getting started. Sleeping very little, helped that, because when you start your days at 2:00 or 3:00 o’clock in the morning, there’s plenty of time to get things done before the roosters start crowing.

Once Facebook came along, especially with The Angora Chronicles taking on a life of its own, I started to ramp up my curiosities and got in high gear asking questions and finding answers. Now instead of singling out a person to talk to, it enables me to find a few hundred unsuspecting souls just about anytime day or night. This is my perfect outlet and point of interaction. Either I was made for Social Media or it was made for me.

I just looked and I’m in more than 200 different groups. But I can guarantee you I don’t interact with more than half of them. Okay, I bet I’m only active somewhat on 40 to 50 of them.

All this plays into me being able to make the claim that The Angora Chronicles Book and every post I make on FB are written on my iPhone, just one little peck at a time. Of course I’m never far away from my phone nor another story to write.

There’s one more thing. I was blessed with having a great memory for places, people and stories.

Now that’s all about me, let’s hear a little bit about you.

2 thoughts on “There is a Fine Line Between Knowing a Lot and Being a Know-It-All

  1. I am so thankful for your lackadaisical upbringing. It makes the world around us so much more interesting. Without you, I would not know what the area was like before “civization.”


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