Glenn Went Coon Huntin Down On The Pedernales

Now I’m going to tell you a story about Glenn Lewis, just the way it was told to me a little while ago on the phone by Pat Taylor.

What I need you to understand is I don’t need to be hearing from any animal rights folks or other bleeding hearts concerning this. It’s over and done with and it was well over 50 years ago when things were much different than they are now. Here’s what happened.

Glenn was down on the Pedernales River in some of that rough country coon huntin. He was ridin a young cold-blooded colt. He spotted a coon up in a tree and rode nearly under it and shot it. About that time that colt broke in half and pitched him off. That night about the same thing happened twice more. The third time when he got back on, he laid the gun barrel right up between its ears and pulled the trigger. Immediately that horse fell. Glenn got up off the ground and got his saddle and bridle off of it packed it all back to the pickup and went home.

The next morning telling about his night before, without showing much emotion at all, he told some of the boys at the coffee shop the valuable lesson he’d learn that night before. “If your gonna shoot your horse, do so after you get back to the pickup and not when you’ve got to pack that saddle for 4 miles”.

I know most people will never warm up to this story, but it was who Glenn was. He always figured he could size a horse up and some of them never were going to make it.

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