Are You Kin To Glenn Lewis, I Was Asked?

Earlier I was asked if I was kin to Glenn Lewis. Rather than answer that directly, I have copied a rough draft of the introduction of the book I am writing about Glenn Lewis. Toward the bottom of it it explains the kinship between Glenn and me.

Remember this is a draft for the future, the introduction of a book about Glenn. It is my hope that sometime in the future, after COVID, a series of gatherings for the purpose of telling Glenn stories as well as personal visits to those that were around him and witnessed the many things that no one but Glenn would have done.

Here is that draft:

Glenn Lewis – The Most Colorful Character To Ever Hit Marble Falls, Texas

This book came about as a collaborative effort of many people that knew and loved Glenn Lewis. Some people tolerated Glenn, but there were those that had little appreciation for his antics.

It was first conceived from the collection of many stories that were submitted to a Facebook Group, The Angora Chronicles. It seems that everyone has a Glenn Story. Once those stories starting coming alive, many people contacted me to tell the stories they knew. Many of those being old timers, many of which didn’t use Facebook. We convened meeting of groups of people that had stories to tell. Glenn stories were told on the street to me, as well as by telephone. Others typed out theirs and emailed them to me.

Like I have said so many times; Glenn Lewis was born 100 years too late. Just about anyone that ever spent any time around Marble Falls has heard some Glenn stories. It’s just doubtful that any single person has heard them all, as they were so numerous and never ending. Glenn passed on back 2012, being a month or so short of reaching his 63 birthday. Those years were packed full of adventure and excitement. The first half of his life after reaching puberty was spent doing day work on ranches mostly all over Burnet and adjoining counties starting in his early teen years. The last half of his life, what I call the calm years were spent working for the Moursund Family on one of the Arrowhead Ranches up in Llano County. When I say calm, that is a relative term, when taking about Glenn. Certain factors, caused him to reassess his life. I’m sure his marriage to Janette and permanent employment on the Arrowhead probably factored greatly into it. That woman surely knew what she was getting into marrying Glenn, but they seemed to have found the right person in each other. Probably a testament to that is after her passing in February he only made it until May of that year.

For all the things Glenn was, he wasn’t gentle. No one could be harder on a horse or a dog, but he always had well minding animals around him. I’m not so sure that rule applied to his only birth son, Codey. While he was hard on him, I’m not sure you could ever accuse him of being very well behaved. I heard one time that Codey let some cattle out a gate and wasn’t getting out and around them fast enough so Glenn stuffed rocks in his boots to teach him a lesson. Not sure that was the best approach. The statement that Glenn wasn’t gentle will later be refuted. Evidently there was a softer side of him.

For this book I have reached out to persons near and far that knew Glenn and everyone that I ever talked to had a Glenn story. While you will read many different accounts of astonishing behavior and of a playful soul, I’m sure there will be people that didn’t always like the bad side of this man, but he was always truthful, probably to a fault. This first story is sums up the honesty that I’m speaking of.

I had a special kinship to Glenn, not because we were both named Lewis. His mother and my step-grandmother had married cousins. They were very close sisters and living only a few miles apart put us together often. Glenn was 5 years older than me & 3 years older than my brother, Kenny. The driving age was 14 back then, but I think Glenn took to the road even before then. So by the time I was 7 or 8 the three of us were out and about a lot. He had an old pickup and a one-horse trailer that he pulled, whether he needed to or not. They live right in town, up in Marble Falls and we were 9 miles out east at Smithwick. A very common thing was for him to load up a horse and come out and we’d make the rounds all over that end of the county.

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