Glenn And The Radio Antenna

I ask Marshall Wier if I’d ever told him the story of Glenn Lewis and the Inspection Sticker. He said I hadn’t, but offered up the following:

No, I’ve never heard that one. Von (LaVaughn Meredith) told me one, years ago ,about an incident that occurred at The Yacht Cafe involving a hiway patrolman.

It seems that someone had cut the long whip radio antenna off of the patrol car. The officer mentioned to Von that the antenna had been cut off of his car. He told Von that he was fairly certain he knew who had done the deed but there was no way to prove it. After more conversation, he told Von that he believed Glenn had cut it off . Von told him to ask Glenn if he’d cut it off . The officer said there ways no way Glenn would admit to it, but Von insisted that he just ask Glenn.

A short time later Glenn came into the cafe and the officer asked Glenn , ” Did you cut the antenna off of my car?” Glenn said, ” Damn sure did. ” Shocked, the officer asked , “Why did you do that?

“Because I wanted to.” said Glenn

Folks let me tell you, that’s just the way Glenn Lewis operated.

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