And This Fellow Loaned Me, A Complete Stranger $50,000

Back in the Winfield Scott days of my construction career, we found ourselves a bit short of making a payroll one week. Winfield went to his former employer, the owner of a large CPA firm in Austin and asked him to make us a loan. Without any hesitation he agreed to spot us $50,000. His only request was that I come down to his office so we could meet. I met Winfield there and we went in. Without additional fanfare Mr. Simpson called his check writer person’s extension and requested a check.

We walked out of that office with a check, without even signing anything. We made for sure that we paid him back in short order. He wouldn’t take any money for helping us out.

A good many years later I was sitting in the waiting room at a doctors office and struck up a conversation with a couple. They had driven in that morning from A way up the country, where they lived. As the conversation went along the lady mentioned that after their appointment they were going to head down to meet her husbands brother, a CPA in south Austin and have lunch.

When I inquired about who her brother in law was and she told me, I instantly remembered the kindness that Mr. Simpson had shown me many years before.

I went on to tell her the story that I just told you. She said that sounded just like something her brother in law would do. So for any of you Llano folks, Mr. Simpson was Harold V. Simpson, brother to Joe Simpson the High School Principal in Llano for many years and of course Joe Jr. that is a fixture in Llano County.

Men like Harold V. Simpson don’t come along very often anymore. The world just isn’t the same now as it once was.

2 thoughts on “And This Fellow Loaned Me, A Complete Stranger $50,000

  1. You have met many good people across the years, and give them the recognition that they merit. Thank you for being a model. As I write stories of my 39 years in Taiwan, I’ll have to remember your model, making the stories about good people, not about how clever I thought I was.

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