Dennis Gerald Skinner – Burnet County Hero

Yesterday a story was floated around here about a young child that was brought before the whole school or at least his class and given licks for taking something that didn’t belong to him.

I wasn’t present when it happened but somehow I remember hearing about it. It was sort of a legendary thing around campus, I guess.

I knew Dennis in a very minor way, running across him from time to time. The last time, he came and interviewed with me for a job, sometime in the late 1990’s. I remember we met at a job site near US 183 and Anderson Mill Rd.
I didn’t hire him then or a couple of either times afterwards when he called.
It just never worked out that I needed his skills at the time he called.

The day I met him he talked about Nam and his time there. Almost a troubled soul. But there are so many that came back from Vietnam scarred physically and mentally I was used to hearing those stories. I have hired some and passed on others. I am regretful that I wasn’t able to put everyone of them to work. Everyone deserves a chance but those that fought for our freedoms deserve it even more. I guess I look back on the Vietnam and what so many sacrificed for what seems now like nothing, it even leaves more of a bad taste with me for politics.

It appears that Dennis was lost to us at an early age, 59, not so many years ago.

I ran across this newspaper clipping from Nov. 11, 1993. It made me realize even more what Dennis and thousands of others faced and still face. (The type is a little hard the read, but take the time if you will, you won’t regret it)

Back to that day in the gym. Was it a life changing moment for Dennis? Most likely it was. When you are a kid everyday lived helps form the rest of your life.

The photo screen shots that start after the newspaper article below are from a Facebook discussion we had back in 2015 about Dennis Skinner. I have included them because there is a certain amount of richness in hearing the various things people had to say about Dennis.

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