So Here’s The Deal

It’s time I shoot straight with all you kind folks. I posted on my personal wall earlier tonight about a problem I’m having with carpal tunnel in both hands from typing on my iPhone too much.

This is that other post:

Well here’s the deal. I’ve been working with my oldest Granddaughter, Holly Lewis to do a bunch of my stories digitally. Holly has a degree from Baylor in digital communications, so we are pretty sure that part could be accomplished.

What I’m not so sure about is how this country bumpkin hick voice of mine would sound. I am pretty sure Hee-Haw ran its course for good reason.

Then I had my Grandson, Tyler & my youngest Son, Justin come to me with the idea of doing a Podcast for the AngoraChronicles. They said something like “Come on old man, get with the times. This is 2021.” They said I could get guests to join me. Perhaps Kenny Lewis sometimes. But the problem being is he always corrects me on the way I tell my stories. I just don’t think that would be that interesting to many folks, listening to Kenny and me arguing.

Well that Podcast idea isn’t exactly something I ever thought about, mostly because I listened to myself on a recording. I’m a little self conscious, you know. But that isn’t that much different than the AudioBook type thing I’ve been talking to Holly about.

Then I watched that movie, Blanche, about two country fellows in West Texas, a true story. But those guys didn’t have any business playing themselves. I kept seeing Kenny and me in those two yahoo’s. I’m sure they are very nice guys and all, but……….. never mind, you’d just have to watch the movie to see what I’m saying.

This is that post:

There is no reason I think I should bring ridicule on the good Lewis name, just so I can pretend to be amusing.

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