I Have A New Friend

(This is a story written back in 2015)

She is not really a new friend, I’ve known this lady for most of my life. But what was just a causal meeting from time to time has develop into a great fondness and friendship during the past few weeks. We were brought together by me calling her to invite her to our MFHS 45th class reunion. One thing lead to another, with me sending her a copy The Angora Chronicles book.

You see, Mrs. Doris Phillips taught many Marble Falls students as well as others in places such as Mason, Bertram and Shiner. Her teaching career spanned almost 4 decades, teaching typing and business classes, perhaps other subjects as well.

She never actually taught me. As a freshman I went into her typing class for a couple of days, at which time she very politely suggested to Jimmy Frasier and me that if we waited another year or so, perhaps our finger coordination would improve and we’d get more out of the class. (With her “very sharp mind”, she doesn’t recall that happening but it all turned out fine any way), I say that as I peck away on this iPhone with one finger.

I just got off the phone with her this morning, recounting the great time we had this past weekend and visiting the way people in Burnet County and around are connected in so many different ways. Yes, we each went to a couple of class reunions this past Saturday. First an “All Classes Reunion” at the high school in the early part of the day and then on to Smithwick for the Class of 1970 Reunion.

I will just end up this by saying that Mrs. Phillips epitomizes what teaching should be all about. A teacher loving what she does and loving the people she teaches.

I found an article online from last November where she attended the 1949 Class Reunion in Mason. She seemed amazed that I found that on the Internet.

She told me she is headed back to Mason this coming weekend to attend the 1950 Class Reunion. How great is that?

2 thoughts on “I Have A New Friend

  1. At the 2010 all class reunion we were honored to have Mrs. Phillips and Alice Johnson, they were the top 2 of I believe the class of 1935. Marble Falls is indeed honored to have two just spry and classy ladies in our midst.

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