Tommy Houy was a Honda Motorcycle guy all the way.

I think his first one was a 125cc that he had when I first came to Marble Falls, starting the 8th grade. I don’t think he ran all over town on it, but rode it over on his side of town.

Then he jumped up to a 350cc. It was metallic blue. That’s the one he wrecked on. During the repairing of it, he switched the color to a metal flake orange.

A few years later he went up to a 450cc, then a 750cc.

Buy the time he and I became reconnected in the 1990s he was riding a 1500cc Gold Wing.

In the spring of 2006 I bought a new 1832cc Gold Wing. It was a platinum color, I think they called it. Was more brown to me. Houy said it was turd muckley dunn colored.

He and I rode lots of miles together. We would switch off and he’d ride mine and me his. He sure did like mine. It wasn’t long until he traded for one of the new style 1832cc bikes. It was a beautiful blue color. Actually much prettier than mine. He wasn’t too willing to let me ride it. I guess he thought I would start liking it and not give it back.

After a few years, each of our health caused us not to feel safe riding any longer. He always talked about converting his into a trike, but never got around to it.

Tommy was always very safe while riding. He knew his limits. I’m not sure that I was nearly all that safe, but I made it out alive. I finally sold mine a couple of years ago, after seeing it sit in garage for several years. I really don’t miss it all that much. It was mostly about the friendship between Tommy and I that made it worthwhile.

We always talked about taking long trips and seeing the country, but that just wasn’t in the cards. Another dream that slipped away.

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