There Really Is No Better Job, Nor A Job As Rewarding As Being A Grandparent.

From November 17, 2018

The following story from last year caused me to swell with pride as I read what one granddaughter said during an interview.

Last night I watched as Emma and her Lady Bulldog Teammates took on Georgetown and came out winners. Emma was the high scorer, with 24 points. I think we can look forward to an exciting season of basketball for Burnet. They really have some outstanding girls on that team.

I also have grandson Will (Catfish) to watch as he does a season of 8th grade basketball. It would be hard to find anyone with more enthusiasm for the game than Catfish.

I never tire of talking about my grandkids and showing their pictures. In that way I’m just a typical granddad. The many things I have seen them do and know what I have to look forward to, keep me getting up each morning just waiting to see what is next. It’s the special things they do and say, that make this journey as grandparent so rewarding.

Madeline told me earlier this morning how in a conversation with 4 year old Sarah, as they talked about Thanksgiving and what it means, sweet Sarah told what all she is thankful for. As she named off each of her family members, she said she was thankful for squishy grandma and squishy granddad. “Yes Sarah, we get the message”. But with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, it’s doubtful we’ll do anything about it until next year, or the next.

This next week, on Tuesday a bunch of us, 13 in all we will travel to NYC for Thanksgiving where our recently turned 22 year old granddaughter Holly is going to school this final semester at Baylor. Then we watch her walk across that stage next month in Waco to receive her diploma. I will be watching her through blurry tear filled eyes as pride fills my body at all she has accomplished.

From my Marine Grandson Tyler that’s served his country and is back home with us all the way to our Granddaughter Annabelle that had her first birthday last week and all of them in between, there is no way to completely describe the miracle that life is.

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