More On Being Granddad

January 21, 2023

This is a post from a few years ago when I try my best to describe what being Grandad (after 30 years I’m still conflicted about whether it is Grandad or Granddad) is really like. It’s still the best job I’ve ever had. Thursday night I was in Bryan, Texas watching Will play basketball, spent the night in the motorhome and drove to Waco yesterday where I met up with Madeline for a nice dinner. We spent the night in a wonderful RV Park at Riesel, Texas and we will watch Will and the Flames play in Waco this afternoon.

While I regret that Will’s time playing sports is nearing an end, I have 5 granddaughters and 3 great grandsons that will keep me in activities to attend well into the future. Heck by the time one year old Levi gets ready to end his high school sports career, I’ll be nearing 90 years old. But as things progress, I would doubt but what there will be many more Lewis offspring to come.

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